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The book I am reading for my book report is “The Maze Runner” by James Dashner. In the book the main character is in a maze with a bunch of Gladers. they are in an experiment to create a cure for the flare. The maze is a test and Thomas and his friends have to get out of the maze but are sent to another test. I am guessing this is in the future because there is no such thing as the flare in the world today.

In the book there are runners and they run in the maze during the day to find a passage way out because at night the walls of the maze move and they have to be in the glade before the walls close because there are grievers out in the maze. No one has made it alive in the maze at night. also in the end one morning the sky is gray and they get no supplies for the week and the walls don’t close anymore. now Thomas needs to find a way out because grievers can get in the glade and take anyone.

Every month the glade gets someone new and every week they get supplies. At the glade there are only boys and no girls and they are mostly teenagers. The day after Thomas arrives someone new comes and it’s a girl that is in a coma. when she wakes that’s when the sky is gray and the Gladers get no one else and no more supplies and the walls don’t close.

casting your characters 2

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My main character is thomas.

 Image result for actors

I chose this character to play thomas because in the book chuck describes him as,” I’d say you’re sixteen. And in case you were wondering, five foot nine… brown hair.”

The side kick is teresa.

Image result for actress

I chose this character because in the book it says,” thin, but not too small, roughly five and a half feet,” with “burning blue eyes” and skin that was “pale, white as pearls.” She had silky “tar black hair”

the “villain” is the creators.

Image result for actor woman in white work clothes

I chose this character because in the book they are the creators of the maze and in the book we get no description.

Minho is Thomas guide.

Image result for actors black teen

I chose this character to be Minho because in the book it describes him as,” An asian kid with strong arms and short black hair.

spring break blog post

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For this spring break I am going camping and don’t know where it is. I am leaving on Monday and coming back on Friday. the part I’m not going to like about it is the hiking part and I will be hiking a lot. My favorite part about camping is at the night when my family is all together and we play games and other things together. when I usually go camping we arrive and set up camp at about 4:00 and go visit an area to see what’s there and then we go back to the camp and have dinner. I used to live in Maryland and we would have a trailer so we would have for dinner is a foil dinner which is chicken with veggies in foil. we always do that meal and for breakfast we would have pancakes or eggs and bacon. for lunch we would have sandwiches. now that I live in Utah we use tents and we are currently going to sell our trailer and now that we have tents we have for breakfast and dinner freeze dried food which is not that great but lunch stays the same.

when we wake up we eat breakfast and go on a hike. some of the hikes I’ve done are in Maryland and I don’t know the names of the hikes because they are not that popular, but in Utah I’ve hiked angels landing at Zions National Park and it was long and hard. I hope were not doing any hikes like that. I’ve done hikes in Yellow Stone and Yosemite. there are a lot of bears in Yosemite. When I go camping during spring break it will be like any other camping trip I’ve gone to. I hope I will have a great time even though I have to hike.

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this is in Yosemite.

term 4 blog post

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The book I chose is called “The Maze Runner”. I chose this book because my sister said it was good, I’ve heard it’s good, it is popular, and when I went to the public library all the books were checked out.

Image result for the maze runner book coverthe grade level is for grades 7-9. In the book the main character doesn’t know what his age is and only remembers his name but he is average about 16 years of age. the other characters are around that age.

this book was made into a movie and the rating of the book is 4.4 out of 5 stars average. it is one of the #1 New York best selling books.


my journey

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My normal life is to get ready for school and go through it. I ride the bus and walk home from the bus stop and when I get home I settle in. I practice the violin for 25-30 min. then I do my homework and clean my room. I take a shower and go to bed after dinner.

It was at the end of 7th grade and my friend Annie was going into 7th grade the next year. I thought the bass was going to be cool so at the end of my 7th grade I signed up for summer school to learn the bass. Annie was also going to the summer school. The summer school was only going to be two weeks and each day was from I think 8:00 to 9:00.

I did have some second thoughts because I was already doing violin and was in advanced orchestra. Also It would be hard to carry the bass around and I had friends in the orchestra.

Annie helped me to make a choice whether to to the bass or not. Usually no one plays the bass so I would be helping out with the bass. I finally decided to play the bass and I’m glad I chose it.

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personal quest

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Before I lived in Utah I lived in Maryland. Maryland has a lot of green and plants in the spring. I was about 9 years old when this happened. In elementary I remember almost everyone found a four leaf clover. I would only find three leaf clovers. I used to believe that the four leaf clovers would give you luck. Well, one day I was in my back yard and as I was walking up the hill I found a four leaf clover. I was so excited I ran inside and showed my mom and dad. My dad told me that if I fold it in a book it would become flat and stay that way. I think it gave me luck that day because I was happy.

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The talent that I have is playing the piano. I started to play when I was 6. I was also living in Maryland. We had a piano in our house. I was inspired by my sister because she plays piano too. she would play and I felt peace. I’ve always felt peace when I played the piano and it was something I wanted to do. I would practice every day so I could improve. This talent I have can be helpful because it can brighten someones day from frustrated to peaceful and Sad to exited.I can also play for when ever someone needs a pianist.

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Term 3 blog post

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During my Christmas break I mostly just vegged (lazy). I watched “The Great British Baking Show” and some movies that I haven’t seen in a while. I had a lot of food on New Years Eve. The whole family came over and some were a little wild. I did get a fever for 2 days but it was okay. That was last week on Thursday, and Friday. I was just happy I didn’t have school for a while.

The book I chose for my book report is called “The Son of Neptune” the second book in the series Percy Jackson. I chose this book because I liked the first one and I would like to read the second one. How I got the first one is in summer break my older sister made a deal with me and what I had to do was to read the first book of Percy Jackson. The author is Rick Riordan. the reading level of age is 10 to 14 and the grade level is 5 to 9 link.

Image result for the son of neptune

I would really like to finish my book report on time with all my other school work that I have. That means all of English, math, science, and history. My goal is to get better at school.

end of term

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This term I read The Lightning Thief. It took a month to read it. I was not rushed because when I start reading I read fast and i’m into the book. For next quarter I want to read more books so it’s possible to complete the 50 book challenge.

I didn’t enjoy the blog posts because I just want to read the book and nothing else. It wasn’t that hard but it takes time so it’s usually late but I don’t enjoy them. I wish we didn’t have to do the blog posts and they would be extra credit.

I liked that it was easy but I don’t enjoy having to do it and standing in front of everyone. I wish we didn’t have to do it and it was extra credit. If I were to do something different on my book report I would start it earlier and not procrastinate.

Book Write Characters

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My book is called The Lightning Thief. The main characters are Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, and Grover Underwood. The sidekicks are Grover and Annabeth. Grover is a satyr and he has to protect Percy from harm. Annabeth wants to explore the world out of the camp. Percy wants to get his mother back from Hades and finish the Quest. The three are trying to find the master bolt of Zeus and return it.

The major character is Percy. he is the son of Poseidon and lives with his mother and his step dad gabe. Percy is trying to change his fate that the oracle said that he would fail and a friend would betray him.

The antagonist is Ares and Luke Luke stole the lightning bolt and he stole Hades helm. he gave the items to Ares and Ares gave Percy the bolt and the helm without  him noticing.


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my book is called “the lightning thief”. It starts with a boy named Percy Jackson. Percy is a half blood which means he is a demigod. at first he doesn’t realize it until 6th grade. his friend is Grover also half blood but not half god. he is half goat and he knows he is and his kind is called satyrs. he has a mission to protect Percy and bring him to half-blood hill summer camp safe.

grover succeeds, sort of. Percy did most of the work. At camp he learns that he is the son of Poseidon and can control water. the oracle ( an oracle tells your mission and what will happen) Tells Percy that he will find the lightning bolt and he will face Zeus. but it also said that a friend will betray him and he will fail. so he starts his mission.

on his way he faces other mythical creatures along the way with Grover Underwood and Annabeth Chase. It turns out that Percy does find the lightning bolt, face Zeus, and a friend betrays him but its not how he thought it was. it happened to be Ares the god of war. and Percy does not fail his mission.

Percy gets his mother back and the war was canceled because Percy gave Zeus the lightning bolt. grover goes out to find pan ( the descendants of the satyrs) and leaves camp half-blood. then the summer ends and Percy has to decide wether he stays at camp half-blood hill or go home with his mother without smelly Gabe because he was turned to stone (from the head of Medusa).

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