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My group read The Girl in the Blue Coat and my job was summary and background. This book is about a girl who works for kinda like “the black market” during ww2. She goes to her neighbors house who is an older lady. The lady reveals to her that she was hiding a girl in her pantry and she’s missing. The old lady asks her to help her find “the girl in the blue coat” So the main girl (i forgot her name haha) goes throughout the story trying to find the girl in the blue coat (mirjam). The story has a big plot twist where she finds her but it’s not really her (WOAH!!) crazy i know right? anyway the girl who she finds that’s not actually mirjam is mirjams friend i think and they switch places so they don’t get caught. As you can guess they find the real mirjam!! (big shocker) Anyway I really liked the book because I LOVE realistic fiction books and i love history. I would suggest this book to people who like realistic fiction and history. I wanted to read this book because i read The Book Thief and i LOVED that book. it’s my favorite book and this book is set in the same time and it’s the same type of ww2 story so i was very excited to read it.

Post #8: discussion director

My group all really enjoys the Girl in the Blue Coat. I really like it because I am really into history so this is the perfect book for me to be forced to read. I like this read more than my last. The last book i read for group discussion was Variant. This book is more my style. This book also reminds me of The Book Thief because it is also based in the same time and pretty much the same setting. They are both about young Jewish girls trying to survive the Nazi’s. My prediction is they find the girl in the blue coat dead maybe? Or alive and safe, there is no inbetween.

The author, Monica Hesse, is known as the first Gender Columnist and that’s all i could find and all i have time for 🙂

blog post #7. soundtrack

Finding a soundtrack for “Varient” was super fun because I got to search for music that would go along with the story of the book. I wanted to specifically choose songs by NF. I chose NF because he is controlled by his own thoughts. He is a loner and an outcast. Bennett seems like an outcast to me because he is the only one that seems like he wants to escape the school. I loved searching through lyrics of songs to find why that song would fit him. I was more focused on bennett because I feel that I could relate to him more through music.

blog #6

this is benson and becky. she is welcoming benson to the school and showing him around.


this is benson wondering the halls alone.


this is the fence surrounding the school so they can’t get out.


*additional photo* this is benson (holding his envalope) and the foster lady who dropped him off at the school. she dropped benson off at the front but didn’t get out of the car.


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Blog Post #3

Brandon Sanderson is all over the web. There so many websites talking about Brandon Sanderson. The more popular his books get, the more people want to know about him so I think his presence is very important.

My favorite author is John Green. I think i found his website? The website looks more like a basic blog account and not really professional. John graduated from Kenya College with a major in English. He has written many popular books like, The Fault In Our Stars, Looking For Alaska, Paper Towns, and An Abundance Of Katherines. John currently lives in Indianapolis, Indiana.


Image result for john greenImage result for john green books

Blog #2 Steelhearts Backstory

Steelheart was 8 years old, trying to fit in with everyone else. He decided to go make friends with some boys. He had never had any luck with being social. Steelheart craved friendship and attention. There was one group of boys he particularly wanted to be friends with. He had tried for so long to be in their group.

Steelheart approached them with a smile and a “How’s it going?”, but they were not interested. They began to bully and call him names. All Steelheart wanted was to have friends. Steelheart thought long and hard about how he would make friends. All of the sudden an idea struck him. He finally knew how he would win them over.

Steelheart decided, if he can’t join them, he would control them. Steelheart became angry and upset with everyone. Steelhearts true colors had shown. He started by dragging one of the boys across the asphalt and threw him in the air. Then he found his next target in the group. He threw him on the ground and began to break each finger, one by one. Steelheart knew he had them now.

Steelheart yelled with a loud deep voice, “You are all now under my control!  If you don’t do what I say, you’re next!”. Everyone soon became frightened. Everyone saw Steelheart as crazy! They did not want to get hurt by him. I mean after all, they are only 8, they had their whole lives ahead of them. They all began to bow to Steelheart. Steelheart had done it, he was apart of their group now. Not only is he apart of it, he’s in charge of it.


Blog #1: Me as a Reader

I am not very into reading and that is why I am taking Popular Lit, so I can get into reading more. I first learned to read in kindergarten and I didn’t like it. So far my favorite book is The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. That was the first book that I couldn’t stop reading. Even though I was forced to read it for English class, I still loved it. Most books can’t catch my attention. I can only read one book at a time because otherwise I would get confused. My favorite type of books to read are non fiction young adult books.  

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