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My group read The Girl in the Blue Coat and my job was summary and background. This book is about a girl who works for kinda like “the black market” during ww2. She goes to her neighbors house who is an older lady. The lady reveals to her that she was hiding a girl in her pantry and she’s missing. The old lady asks her to help her find “the girl in the blue coat” So the main girl (i forgot her name haha) goes throughout the story trying to find the girl in the blue coat (mirjam). The story has a big plot twist where she finds her but it’s not really her (WOAH!!) crazy i know right? anyway the girl who she finds that’s not actually mirjam is mirjams friend i think and they switch places so they don’t get caught. As you can guess they find the real mirjam!! (big shocker) Anyway I really liked the book because I LOVE realistic fiction books and i love history. I would suggest this book to people who like realistic fiction and history. I wanted to read this book because i read The Book Thief and i LOVED that book. it’s my favorite book and this book is set in the same time and it’s the same type of ww2 story so i was very excited to read it.

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