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Currently the issue is that others are just being ignorant about suicide. People take the subject lightly and tell others to kill themselves and it will be fine. There are lots of suicide awareness centers and just people in general who are against suicide and are trying to bring it to the public eye. In my book, currently these people were telling meg that she could kill herself (on the internet) and everything with be fine, and that hell isn’t real and if she isn’t please with it she can just kill herself again and such. I think the author really brings awareness to this by first off writing about it and showing how the subject affects others, let alone the person themselves. I think so far that this subject really does need to be brought more to the public eye and be taught about, because it should not be taken lightly ever. I somewhat like issue driven novels, it really depends on the issue being talked about. sometimes i don’t like it because i am reading to escape thinking of the issue, other times its nice to read them because I’m dealing with the issue and having it seem like others are going through what I’m going through. I honestly haven’t read too many but i have read a few. This specific issue i have never read about before, I’ve only really watched movies or shows dealing with it. This book is really interesting compared to the others I’ve read, because I’m more interested in this subject than the others.

Final steelheart Blog post

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I was left understanding that not all supposed “villains” are villains. Like take Megan for example, if everyone knew she was an epic they would’ve considered her a villain, an enemy, but because they didn’t, she was a hero to them. Humans can just as well be hero’s without any super powers, I think that this book really proved that point as we saw with David. I really liked how they have the world being ruled by the epics in the begging. It was nice that it wasn’t all peaceful and then having villain come in trying to ruin everything, we had “hero’s” trying to change it. I honestly wish we couldve know more background about david and steelheart, sure we were supplied with the pro-logue with David and his father at the bank, and the short things we got about him through out the story but i just want to know more.  For the podcast we focused on “power and its corruption” this was an important topic theme for me because i honestly felt like it really encircled the whole story from each person, how much power they had how they used it, and what they used in in the name of.

Book show and tell

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I read Michael vey prisoner of cell 25, in this book Michael has special powers Also Michael has Tourette’s , one day after school Michael gets in a fight with his bullies, he releases his powers on them, and taylor sees him.  he meets another like him with, Taylor, who as well has special powers. Michael and Taylor soon find out there are more like them, and they are being captured. Michael and taylor get offered special invite to go to this mysterious school , i don’t want to spoil anything but, i would say this was honestly a really good book, 4 out of 5 stars!! i recommend to those who like action, fantasy, really also just those types of books where the characters have special powers.

post #3: bookish comforts

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Books honestly stress me out a lot, but comforts I have with reading books are,

Swinging/laying in a hammock with a good book. When the air smells of rain. When the room is candle lit. As well as when the book smells of old or stale rain. I don’t like to be forced to read, reading with my own free will is comforting.

Post #2 : Steelheart backstory

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Steelheart backstory.

As a young child steelheart didn’t have the greatest upbringing.  His dad, a mean old mister, was abusive and his mother, a frail little lady who did nothing to help protect him, in fears that she would be hurt to. It’s a parents job to protect their child from attackers, not to be the one attacking.  “Get in the car,” his father said grabbing him by the collar, shoving him inside. Steel heart stumbled into the vans door and pulled his legs in quickly and tucked them, as his father slammed the door behind him.

Wincing steelheart looked forward a gulped. Watching his father walk around the vehicle to get into the drivers seat. putting on his seat belt his dad puts his hand on the passanger seat and peels the car out of the driveway and into the street. “what is all of this about?” steelheart says shyly holding his hands close to himself in case he needed to protect himself from harm. “I read your journal you know what this is about” His dad slamming the gas harder. We are going to the priest to cleanse you and your sinner ways. Steel hearts heart took rage over fear and in a matter of seconds he had pulled himself up from his chair and leaning forward, “Boy what are you doing” His dad says angrily trying to see what was occuring. Steelheart pulled the steering wheel and the car sharpily turned and the momentum causing the vehicle to flip. The car went flying in the air tossing and spinning. Bracing himself in the back, steel heart closed his eyes. The car crunched into the ground.

opening his eyes, steelheart quickly looks around. He see’s his dad hunched over the steering wheel. He quickly reached over to the door trying to pry it open, The door creaks as it bends forward. Steelheart steps through and manages to get outside the vehicle . feeling his face blood drips down onto his fingers. frantically steel heart pulls off the jacket he was wearing and ties it onto his head. From there steelheart runs

Legs throbbing, he continues vowing to himself he could get away from this terrible life he lives.

Post #1: Introduction

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I used to be really big on reading and I’m honestly not so sure as to why my interest went so low in reading, it may be due to the fact that i just have gotten so much more busy as I’ve grown up and simply just didn’t find time for reading. I do love books, I just personally struggle sitting down and just reading now days. When I do read, I like reading fantasy, and romance books, as they are the most interesting to me. I want to get back into reading and have the craving to just read all the time like I used to.

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