The best book I’ve ever read is ‘Where The Red Fern Grows” This book changed how I thought, how I lived and changed how I want to live. In the story Billy wants two hunting dogs. He wants two hounds, but the only dogs that he can afford are in the city. So he treks a long way into the city with a tin can and the money that he earned and goes to get two young hounds. A boy, and a girl, Big Dan and Little Anne. He raises these dogs and you get to see how hard he works. You go through the journey of him training his dogs, and him going through these struggles, but he never quit, or never gave up. And I think that is why I love this book so much, because it truly changed the way I look at things. It made me want to work harder, and to never give up, which really helps me be a better person. There are so many things about this book that are truly amazing. This book is hands down the best book I’ve ever read.