Source: Catching Fire, Suzanne Collins, page 391

Quote: Katniss, there is no district twelve.

Context: Katniss just exploded the arena, which surprise! That’s against the rules, so when she’s getting picked up by gale and Haymitch, she passes out from the explosion. When she wakes, Gale tells her that they have done something to District Twelve. District Twelve is Katniss’ home.

This makes me think: What would she be feeling? She knows it is because of what she has done. She knows it’s because the exploded the arena. Would she blame it on herself of would she blame the capitol? Or would she blame nobody? The feelings that she is probably feeling are so insane. She must be happy she made it out, and that she’s alive. But she’s also probably really mad that the capitol did this. I would be angry at the capitol, and I would be worried for my family, and the future. Where will I go? Where is my family? Things like that.

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