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Not Being Seen

In the third tale, the monster really went off. And I think its safe to say that Harry was a victim. It was about a man that was invisible. But not really invisible, he was only invisible to people because they learned not to see him. I think one reason why Conor may push the people away that do see him, is because he thinks that they only see him because of his situation. If people were actually trying to be his friend for Conor, and not for his mom, then I think It would be different. I also think that he want’s attention, plainly because every kid does. Every kid wants to be seen, they just don’t want to be seen because of someone else.’

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A Book Thief Is Born

When Liesel Declined the book, but then came back to steal it, which I think it was definately a message. Liesel didn’t do that just to say a message to someone else, but she was probably trying to say something to herself. She was trying to gain peace. She was trying to feel better about what has happened to her.

Liesel has for sure changed a lot ever since she arrived to Himmel Street. I think that she has become more outspoken, more confident, and I think you could even say more…. moody. And I don’t mean this in a completely negative way, I just mean that she finally expresses herself.

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He punished the parson for giving up on his beliefs too easily. The monster told Conor the second tale, and it was very interesting. The Parson’s daughters were dying, and the apothecary wouldn’t help, because the parson gave up on his beliefs too easily. He was punished, his daughters died. When you believe in something, It doesn’t mean you just change for one reason, if he would’ve stayed true to what he believes him, his daughters could have still been alive. And yes, the story is very extreme, it can relate to a lot of us. But I think it relates to Conor, because he is in denial of what’s to come. He doesn’t want to admit, or think about, or believe, that his mom might not be ok. I dont know, I think the monster is trying to help Conor with these tales, Conor just has to open his eyes.

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The Meaning Of Stories

What good is a story if there is no “Lesson” to learn?  I think that the stories that seem like they have no lessons, have even more important lessons. If you think about our lives, and you think about the monsters story. It is just like our lives. Nobody is perfect. Nobody can always make the right decision, and I think that might be what the monster is trying to say. It makes the story seem much more realistic, much morel lifelike.

From what we know, Conor is going through a very rough time right now. And he has made some questionable decisions, but is he a bad person? No. He’s also made some good decisions, or reasonable ones, but that doesn’t make him a hero either. I think that the monster is showing up because Conor needs to realize that in real life, there is no line between good an bad. Like the author said, most people are somewhere in between.

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Book Review 2.2

What I read: I read Hunger Games: Mockingjay, by Suzanne Collins, with 390 pages. I rate this book 5 out of 5

How It starts: Katniss just got out of the arena, for the second time! And now she is ready to fight, because the capitol has bombed district twelve. She goes to live in district 13, which everybody thinks is gone, and so she is hidden.

How It Get’s Complicated: When Katniss got saved from the arena by Gale and Haymitch, the capitol got Peeta. Peeta is with the Capitol, and now they can do whatever they want to him. He is in a lot of danger, and Katniss isn’t sure what to do. Until President coin comes to Katniss with a proposition. She says that Katniss needs to be the mockingjay, and be a leader for the uprisings. Katniss decides to be the mockingjay after videos of Peeta are released by the capitol. The videos show Peeta telling everyone to stop uprising, and telling Katniss to stop. And every new video he looks like he is in worse condition.

What I liked: I loved how conflicted Katniss with the whole situation. Deep inside she knows that she loves Peeta, but she can’t because she has Gale, and she thinks that she loves him. I love the way she switches back and forth through the whole story. But the whole time, she still loves Peeta, and cares about him more than anything.

What I disliked: Like all the rest of the hunger games books, I didn’t hate one part! It was all so good!!!

Recommendation: I recommend it to many people, actually any people!! It is so good! This whole series is amazing!

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Deep Thinkers 2.6

Source: Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Suzanne Collins, Page 388

Quote: What I needed to survive is not Gale’s fire, kindled with rage and hatred. I have plenty of fire myself. What I need is the dandelion in the spring. The bright yellow that means rebirth instead of destruction. The promise that life can go on, no matter how bad our losses. That it can be good again. And only Peeta can give me that.

Context: Katniss and Peeta are now on their own, and Gale has left. And Katniss has made a very serious decision, which means she’s going to live alone, off in the woods with Peeta, and they’re going to start a family. And she’s saying she didn’t ever really like Gale, he was just the only person she had. She didn’t really need him. She needed the love that Peeta gives her.

This makes me think: I just love this, because It is such a good moment for Katniss. She finally realizes who she really loves, and why she really loves Peeta.

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Deep Thinker 2.5

Source: Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Suzanne Collins, page 215

Quote: “I am,” I say. “That’s why I killed Cato… and he killed Thresh… and he killed Clove… and she tried to kill me. It just goes around and around, and who wins? Not us. Not the districts. Always the Capitol. But I’m tired of being a piece in their games.”

Context: Right now this man just pulled a gun on Katniss. And he just threatened her, and Katniss tells him that he doesn’t have to kill me, it won’t show anything, except that he is the capitol’s slave. And the man says, “I am not their slave” and Katniss says this quote.

This makes me think: oh my gosh! Such a good quote! So much tension, and so much meaning, I love it! The way she talks about the circle of deaths, it’s so perfect. It also really makes Katniss seem so strong, and so powerful. She is the best mockingjay, without even trying.

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Deep Thinker 2.4

Source: Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Suzanne Collins, page 41

Quote: This is what they’ve been doing. Taking the fundamental ideas behind Gale’s traps and adapting them into weapons against humans.

Context: Gale and Beety are planning a way to kill this group of people in a mountain. And Katniss asks them what they are talking about, and they say that they are basically making a giant human animal traps. Gale is super good at trapping animals, and so he thought if they made a good trap for the people in the mountain, they would be able to kill them all. Katniss was very angry at them, because they were acting as if they were animals.

This Makes Me Think: I totally agree with Katniss. They might as well call them animals, because the way that they think to just use a giant trap on real, living people. It is truly sad, and just plain cold blooded.

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Book Review 2.1

What I read: Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Suzanne Collins, 391, I give it 5 out of 5!

How It Starts: Katniss Everdeen lives in a dystopian society, where every year, the capitol will randomly draft one male, and one female. When they get drafted the go into an arena and fight to the death. Her and her parter, Peeta Mallark, won the most recent hunger games.

How it gets complicated: They were the first to ever have two victors in one year. President Snow hates Katniss because of this, and is trying to kill her. But people around all of the districts, love Katniss and if he kills her the people of Panem will revolt. So he decides to have another hunger games, but this time, its with one male and female victor from every district. So Katniss now has to go back into the arena.

What I liked: I love the character development in this story! Every single person in the book drastically changes, but for the better. And the way the interact with each other is so interesting! The story of course is amazing, and Suzanne Collins narrated everything so perfectly.

What I disliked: I don’t think I disliked one thing about this book. It was better than the first one. I really did love this book.

Recommendation: I would recommend this to many different people. It fits teenagers, and adults. It is a very well rounded book.

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Deep Thinker 2.3

Source: Catching Fire, Suzanne Collins, page 391

Quote: Katniss, there is no district twelve.

Context: Katniss just exploded the arena, which surprise! That’s against the rules, so when she’s getting picked up by gale and Haymitch, she passes out from the explosion. When she wakes, Gale tells her that they have done something to District Twelve. District Twelve is Katniss’ home.

This makes me think: What would she be feeling? She knows it is because of what she has done. She knows it’s because the exploded the arena. Would she blame it on herself of would she blame the capitol? Or would she blame nobody? The feelings that she is probably feeling are so insane. She must be happy she made it out, and that she’s alive. But she’s also probably really mad that the capitol did this. I would be angry at the capitol, and I would be worried for my family, and the future. Where will I go? Where is my family? Things like that.

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