A Whole New World

This year I want to become a better writer. But to be able to do that I’m going to actually have to pay attention in class because I never really do. Also I’m going to have to actually do my work because I either don’t do it or I just do it when the end of the term is about to be over. So I need to start working on those things to be able to become a better writer and also do better in school. Because my grades and everything actually count this year so if i want to go to a good college i have to do good in school.

The story I Enjoyed the Most.Or Disliked the Least

The story I really liked was Harrison  Bergeron because it tells a really good story and we never know the future could end up being like that. And how it tells that trying to make people weak or equal its only making them stronger. Because when they thought that putting the handicaps on them would make them really weak but it’s actually making them stronger because they are having to do things with big bags that weigh like 100lbs so they get use to it and makes them stronger. But it  also shows that not everyone is going to be equal.

The Good Stuff

My life right now has been really crazy.But some of the good things have been my friends because they are always there for me and making me happier when i need it.And they will be there to back me up and they won’t do me wrong. Also my family is always going to be the best things in my life because they are always going to be there for me and they make me feel better when something is going on in my life. But I am really grateful for the people who are always there for me and back me up when people like to start drama.

Everyone Was Finally Equal

In society today people are never equal. Some people get more things and are treated better than others.Like if you are a different religion or you have different colored skin than you are seen as not that important and people treat you poorly. And in the story it was like that because if you were smart they do things to make you not as smart and also if you were tough or good looking they would try and hide that. But I feel like a way we could make everyone equal is by treating everyone the same and not treat the differently because they aren’t like you.

What’s On My Mind?

Something that has really been on my mind is studding for/taking the permit test. The first time i took it I got  35 and than the second time i took it I got a 39 and I only needed ONE more question to pass. Because to pass the test you need a 40 out of 50 so i was really close to passing. So imma keep studding. And I’m taking the test again on Monday so I am pretty nervous because I just want to pass the test already. The questions are easy the thing is that I keep double guessing myself so that is a problem because i pick a answer but than i double guess myself and i feel like it is wrong so that is something i need to work on.

What’s This Got to Do With Me?

In this story it talks about how this guy trust this lady that owns a bed and breakfast but than she betrays his trust. She betrays his trust because she drugs him and than is going to kidnap and stuff him. And the one thing that i connected with this story was that I always put all my trust in my friends because they are the people that I feel like i can trust. Because you are suppose to be able to trust them but than like every single time I do that they always betray me and spread lies about me and tell my secrets. So I feel like you should never really trust anyone until you really know them.

Free Body and Soul Free

Everyone feels like they are trapped in a way and they could be all different. But one way that a lot of people feel trapped is in school because their are so much rules in school. And these rules makes you feel like you can’t do anything because if you break one you will be in so much trouble. I mean it’s good to have rules but when you have rules where you can’t talk sometimes or you can’t do or have certain things that makes people really mad and upset. Because we feel like when we come to school we are only suppose to be working and learning but school is about learning but it’s also about socializing and meeting new people. But we can’t do that when we can’t even talk sometimes. So we feel trapped at school.

Technology: Friend or Foe?

My opinion on technology is that I feel like it is good for somethings but can also be dangerous to people in other ways too. I think it’s helpful because it helps you get in touch with people like your friends and family, It also lets you set timers and notifications for important thing like appointments or for when you have meeting and other important things. But it is also bad because people are on their electronics and the internet all the time. And by that they don’t interact with people or pay attention to anything because they are to busy texting people or looking at social media. And it also distracts them from doing important things

2095: What Will the Future be like?

2095 is far away and it a couple years away, But things are going to be way different in that year because there are going to be a lot of new technology/inventions. By new inventions I mean there are going to be some new phones  and some new cars and houses, there could even be some flying cars in the future and some new houses that are all run by technology all you gave to do is hook it up to your schedule and voice. But I do also feel like there could possibly be a war because we never know what could happen.

What I’ve Been Reading

We have spent 4 hours reading and I haven’t finished one book yet. I have been reading “Stay where you are and than leave.” By John Boyne and it is a really good book it’s about World War 1 and it talks about how everything changed after the war. But i feel like I kinda wasted my time reading because when we read i read a little but than I get bored and start looking at things around the classroom. I feel like i need to start staying focused on reading and get really into the book because it is a good book.