Should Schools Still Teach Shakespeare?

I think that students should still be learning about Shakespeare, just maybe not as much. Like I think it’s a good part of education I just don’t believe that it’s super important. We should keep trying to learn more about the up and coming knowledge, but it’s also good to remember the old stuff. Shakespeare had lots of good things going on with him and I think it could be good lessons for everyone. Also his advance writings can be good for people to learn and read about. Not all of his writings should still be taught but I do think a lot of them still should.

Love Moderately

I think that he is trying to tell them to takes things slow and not go insanely fast. Being moderate is like not going to quick and not going to slow. Like he can love Juliet but he can’t dwell too much on the bad stuff that might happen. I do think this is good advice for Romeo and Juliet because you can never be too careful with relationships that are “love at first sight”.  I also believe that they will take this advice mostly because they’ll want the relationship to workout as best as it can. They might have to work on being moderate, but in the end it will probably work to their benefit. 


Sometimes people act like they hate someone but really they hate themselves. Like they hate something they do, so they blame it on someone else. People don’t like to take responsibility for the things they do which is why they put that hatred on someone else. Either that or someone did something to really deserve that person to hate them. There is someone I strongly dislike and it’s not for some dumb reason. I really don’t like this person because they at one way around certain people and act another way around different people. I straight up hate when people act two faced and fake. People put irrational hatred behind them by trying to really figure out why they hate that person.

What I Don’t Know About My Fellow Students

Iv’e learned that you don’t always know everything about everyone. Like you could think someone’s life is completely different then from how it truly. On that note you’re never really going to understand how it is to be in someone else’s “skin” because each person is different and so are their lives. I feel like I have a pretty good understanding of most of my classmates. I try to be open and nice to people no matter what. Because you never know what’s going on in a persons life unless you ask them or they tell you. And you never know when someone is going to need that openness and friendship, to some kids it could mean the world. So I just think that you shouldn’t judge a person based on the rumors you hear, the way they look some days, or even if you think you’re assuming right. You really truly will never understand the lifestyle of people, but the best we can do is be open minded and a friend to all. 

Work Will Work When Wishy Washy Wishing Will Not

During this year I really wanted to accomplish actually getting interested in english. In years past i’ve always hated english and I din’t think anything we learned was important, but this year I finally realized that there is some good to it. Especially having a teacher I really like has helped me want to learn more about english and actually want to understand it. I have really tried this whole year to be involved in conversations and pay attention to what we were talking about. My goal to the end of the year is to keep trying to make myself really really focused all the time. I just have to remind myself often and stay positive about learning. 

An Authority on Courage- Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks definitely comes to mind when I think of someone with courage. I think that if I had a friend trying to have courage she would be very good in helping this friend. Since she was able to do the things she did and stand up for herself, I think that she could help my friend understand how to stand up for them self. It’s not easy standing outside the crowd and being different. But that’s what courage is about, going outside the box and your own comfort zone. Rosa Parks definitely went outside the box and stood up for what she believed in. So knowing this I would know that she could have some of the best advice for my friend in need. 

What Makes a Person Great?

I think there are many things that can make a person great, but only to the best of your ability. Like I believe that there are certain things a person can do to become an amazing person but each person is going to be different. Somethings that could make up a great are having good patients, not getting angered easily. being kind to everyone no matter the situation. Being a good person requires some work and effort. Having the aspects of an awesome person doesn’t always come naturally. Being hopeful and joyous is part of being a good person.  Learning that everyone makes mistakes, and being able to forgive and forget is important. Being a great person is the ability to be humble, wise, and realistic. It’s not easy to be the perfect human, but you will probably meet someone at least once in your life that is the perfect human to you. 

To Kill a Mockingbird Review

The Book- The book is about the life of theses southerners and the challenges they have to go through. It starts out as a nice little story about two kids, their father, and the mystery of their next door neighbor. But as the book goes on they start facing difficult situations that end up affecting the entire family. The story gets more interesting as you go along, and basically read the life story of these kids childhood. I think that this book does live up to it’s reputation that has been made by so many people. I really enjoyed the setting and how everything played out. One thing I didn’t like was the way it ended, it didn’t have enough for me to be satisfied that I finished the book. I know like two people who actually enjoy reading and they already read this book, so I don’t have any to recommend it to.

The Film- The movie did an okay job of portraying the book. The film really helps you understand some of the situations and events that are happening, because you’re actually seeing it being played out. Again by being able to see everything get portrayed really helps you feel the message and get what the author was trying to make you understand. I think the scene where Bob Ewell spits in Atticus’s face but then Atticus just stares at him and does nothing to fight back. I thought that was super powerful because it shows that you don’t always have to fight back and that it could cause more drama to fight back, and make a big deal. I just feel that the film left out some parts that really could help you better attach to the characters and the plot. But besides that I think it did okay in doing the book justice.

Good Stuff

I think that it’s really interesting that the words “It’s not time to worry yet,” keep coming up. It’s got to have some sort of ending tie to the whole book. It really makes you wonder why they keep saying it, and what’s the whole purpose of saying this? I kind of feel like that it’s a phrase that characters are using to help reassure another character. It’s like a way of saying everything isn’t going to good, but you don’t need to stress because it will most likely end well. I picked this quote because I’m interested if there’s going to be a point in the book where it ends up describes why it keeps getting spoken. 

Real Courage

I think this definition can be very, very useful. It’s saying that you don’t have to perform some heroic act to prove that you are courageous and are doing something good. Having courage is something that, no matter what the action is, shows that you can push against something. Especially if you are timid about what you must do or you’re scared. Going and doing that thing that may seem terrifying to do, showing that you can aren’t afraid. That’s what courage is. I think that my own definition matches pretty well to how I think Atticus is seeing it in this passage. Basically you don’t have to seem tough to be courageous, you just have to show that you are. 

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