Blind Spots

I think that Walter Cunningham is a good man I didn’t think that he was going to kill Atticus because his kids were their. Everyone has their blind spots and for some people it is hard for them the see the big picture but that doesn’t make them a bad person. I like how Atticus said that Walter Cunningham was still a good man after he threatend to kill him, it shows that Atticus looks at the big picture and sees that Walter isn’t really someone that would do that. I think that everyone has their tough times and go through their blind spots but it is good to look at the big picture.Image result for atticus finch

What Went Wrong With The Sub

I think that I was pretty good with the sub. I did what she asked me to do and I was in my seat for the first half till someone asked can we move seats? She said, “Well their isn’t a seating chart so I guess so”. I think that the sub didn’t have much expirence because she wasn’t really getting mad and she was letting everyone kind of do what ever they wanted to do. She even let us play music out loud while we were working. I feel like I could have been better because I was talking while working with Cole. We almost finished our assignment. Over all we were pretty good the first half but in the end it got a little crazy.

Climbing Into Another Person’s Skin

When I think of climbing into someone else’s skin I think of it as getting in their shoes or in otherwords looking from their perspective. Sometimes it is really hard to look at somthing from another perspective because you have already made your mind about. A great example about this is an argument. You might be getting mad at someone because they said something to you but when you see the argument from the other persons perspective they think that you started it and they are just trying to get back at you. You don’t know what is going on in everybodys life so you just have to step back and look at the whole picture.

Beliefs and Actions

Beliefs and actions are a big part of our lives. If you haven’t noticed whenever you look at something you instantly make an opinion about it like, look at that new kid hes probally really rich because of the clothes that they are wearing. But you don’t even know anything about the person, not even their name. People always make opinions based on the things that they believe in. You have already made so many decisions in your life it is like a rule book that you follow everyday without noticing like what type of clothes you wear and the people you talk to but that doesn’t mean your a bad person it just means you are different.Image result for beliefs

literature Review

I think that my story was ok. I think that I had a lot of mood in my story like when sombody died and when someone was mad at something. I know that my story could have been better if I tried harder but I am happy with what I have done. My story is about a group of friends are having a sleep over and one of the boys said that he was going to be a little late, on his way  to the sleep over he gets hit by a car and dies. One of the friends feels like it is his fault that his friend died.

1 Percent Gain

I think that one of my major areas where I could make a percent gain is in math. Usally I don’t start on my homework till the day it is due five minutes before we turn it in and I still get and A or a B wich is pretty good but I think that I could do better if I do my homework before I even get to school and already checked to make sure that I get a hundered percent and at the end of the term I could have an A. I know that this is not a very hard goal but in the end it helps my GPA.Image result for homework problems

What I’m Reading

I am reading the book this dark endeavor by Kenneth Oppel. I think that this is a great book it has been really good so far. The reason that I like this book so much is because it always has you on the edge and you don’t want to put it down because you don’t know when the next best part is. This book is about these twin brothers and one of them gets sick and isn’t getting any better, so the other brother and two of his friends go and find the ingredents for the elixir of life. I would recommend this book to everyone because it is really good.Image result for the apprenticeship of victor frankenstein book cover

Who am I As A Reader?

Who am I as a reader? I think that I am a collecter, when I read a book and there is somthing in a book I usually remember it and don’t forget. When I am reading the book I imagine that I am in the book and it gives me a whole different perespective. This helps me feel what the character is feeling and and thinking. When I am reading a book I look at both the good and bad guys and think about the situation in both of ther views, sometimes they both have good reasons and think that their are the good guy. Related image

How I Did During First Term

I think that I did pretty good first term. I passed with an A- wich I feel good about. Durring this term I read about six or seven books.  I feel like I understand about everything that we learned durring the first term because it wasn’t that hard for me to memorize everything. Durring this term I want to read 7 books again and I want to try to  pass with an A and not turn any assignments in late, wich will be easier since I don’t have any more races till the end of november. I also want to meet 5 new people that I didn’t really know very good.Image result for books


The Power Of Words

I think that the power of words is about how the author influnces the reader to feel certain things. Some examples of authors moves is when someone dies. usally it is raining outside and everyone is crying and depressed and they don’t do anything for about a week. This usally makes people like me want to to put book  back and find another book because I do not like drama. In the book that I am reading right now, the brother is sick and everyone is worried about him because he is not getting any better wich leaves everyone with suspense wondering if he will die.