When Atticus told Scout that he wasn’t going to win the trial, at first this really confused me. Then, Atticus said,” Simply because we were licked a hundred years before we started is no reason for us not to try to win.” Which made it a little clearer to understand. I think Atticus was trying […]

Climbing Into Another Person’s skin

When Atticus talks to Scout about climbing into another persons skin, he actually means trying to understand the persons perspective and point of view. If scout tried to understand peoples perspectives better she wouldn’t yell at them as much, and would have more sympathy. Honestly, I have a really hard time trying to look at […]

Beliefs and Actions

When I read the belief window article, it kind of surprised me. I had never really thought about why everyone was different and had different opinions. when I finished reading the article it made sense why everyone thinks differently, views the world in different ways, and how the belief window influences our everyday decisions. I […]

The End Is Half Way Upon Us!

This semester I think that overall I worked really hard, I kept my grades up and increased my grade point average. I also improved on studying more before tests, so that my test score increased a lot. Some things I can improve on is, managing time better, especially while doing homework, and making sure to […]

1% gain

After reading the article about 1% gains, I thought of one goal that I can work on a little bit everyday and eventually it might become very beneficial in the future. One goal I set for the rest of the school year is to do homework before midnight. If I try to do homework a […]

The Sticky Issue of Equality

My definition of equality is when people have equal rights and are treated as equals, although equality doesn’t mean that everyone is equally good at the same sports, talents, and abilities. When I read about the issues of equality, I learned that they thought they were using equality, although they were separated by skin color. […]

Literature Review

The story I read was objected to readers who like science fiction and adventure. This story, is about citizens that are at war with the government, the citizens finally have found an advantage to the war that might help them bring the government and the people back together as a whole country. I think the […]

Tell Me About It

What I’m thinking about right now is that there is only this week of school, and then a little of next week before we have Thanksgiving break. Also, why do teachers give so many important projects, essays, and tests this week. It’s nearly Thanksgiving break, why are all the tests in one week of time. […]

What I’m Reading

I just finished the first book of the Selections series, so right now I haven’t yet started reading the second book of the series. The first book of the series ended off kind of a cliff hanger, it answered some questions, but still left some ideas unexplained. So I am excited to start reading the […]