The First story i read

The story that I read was the Veldt by Ray Bradbury. At the begging of the book it starts out with the kids being in the nursery all the time and the mom is very concerned about the kids because they are spending to much time in that room. The nursery shows the kids what they want to see and that is the problem. The kids only want to watch animals killing each other in Africa. So what happens is the mom shuts down the nursery and tells the kids that they need a break from the room. The kids dont like that and they break into the room. After this the mom and the dad realize that this is going to be a problem and they bring someone over to the house to ask them how to help the children, he ends up saying that they need to be in therapy for a year to fix these phosically problems. At the end of the story the kids end up killing there parents.

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