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hi my name is Michael. This is my first year at PGJH and like to play basketball.

1st Term Business

I feel like this is a great class. Mr. green is defiantly one of the best teachers in the school and the people in this English class make it awesome.  So far I think ive given pretty good effort but I think I can do better on that part. My greatest successes in this class have been having fun with friends and reading my book. Something that I defiantly need to work on is my spelling, my spelling has been bad since i can remember. I have defiantly grown since august in this class. My goal for next term is to read 2 or 3 more books and i can accomplish this goal by reading every time im in English.

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The First story i read

The story that I read was the Veldt by Ray Bradbury. At the begging of the book it starts out with the kids being in the nursery all the time and the mom is very concerned about the kids because they are spending to much time in that room. The nursery shows the kids what they want to see and that is the problem. The kids only want to watch animals killing each other in Africa. So what happens is the mom shuts down the nursery and tells the kids that they need a break from the room. The kids dont like that and they break into the room. After this the mom and the dad realize that this is going to be a problem and they bring someone over to the house to ask them how to help the children, he ends up saying that they need to be in therapy for a year to fix these phosically problems. At the end of the story the kids end up killing there parents.

figurative language

I’ve loved playing basketball my whole life. the court is a battle field full of enemy’s and friends.  Basketball has made so many memories for me because i get to travel the country. I’ve gotten closer to my teammates because of this and also closer to my family because i get to travel with them all the time. My favorite part about playing the game is when the ball dances in the air before it goes through the hoop. there are many other parts about the game like getting to the game. Last year I went with the PG basketball team up to Weber for State, The bus was like a party on a Saturday night with music and everything. Sadly PG lost in the state championship, Matt van Coleman did not play up to his expectations and we let AF win. After the game the locker room was silent besides the kids crying. Coach Mac had a good talk and then it was over.



what ive been reading

My four hours of reading have been great this year. I love how we get 15 minutes of reading before each class. In third grade up to sixth grade I loved to read and I read so much that my parents would get mad at me but 7th through 8th I didn’t read hardly anything and I think that those 15 minutes each day really helped me to love reading again. I’ve been reading this book call “Shoe dog” this book is about how Nike came to be and its about all of the struggles that the company had before it got big and all the ups and downs. Phil Knight is the author and was also the person that made Nike. I really like this book because i’ve always loved Nike. checks over stripes. There’s not that much that i dislike about the story besides the fact that there are so many names and its just hard to remember the names that he puts out there. For the most part i’ve been spending this reading time well but there have been a couple of times were I forgot my book.

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2095 what will the future be like

the world will be different in 2095 weather we like it or not it will be. I do not know how different but by then we should have flying cars and our lives will be a lot more efficient.  By 2095 there should be many more ways of transportation like the hyper loop and other faster ways to get places. A.I. will be amazing by then and robots will function very very well. Voice control will be on a whole different level and by then cameras will be able to capture pictures 10x better than human sight. houses will be so smart that you wont even need a door bell you’ll just get notified by your house that someones at the door. phones will be a different shape so you don’t have to have them in your hand to use them. the environment will be better because everything will run off electricity. doctors will be robots because there more trust worthy and robots will take people jobs just like what already happening.

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what i’m doing right and what i can still do better

Im doing a lot of right things in this class and im glad that im doing them right. some of the things that im doing right are coming to school on time and getting most of my homework done. But there are alot of things that i need to do better such as getting to my English class on time, bringing a book to English, and of course bringing a pencil to English. I can do better in English so Mr. green will be happy and if hes happy then I’m happy. There are countless things that I myself need to do better in all my classes. The main thing that i need to focus on doing is just getting myself to class on time and also bringing the things that i need for that class. Besides that i think that im doing pretty good in my classes besides all the other stuff i just said.

who am I as a writer

As a writer I’ve always just been average at it. nothing really special,  when I first learned how to write I didn’t use or know how to spell that good so my writing kinda sucked but as time went on I learned how to spell a little bit so now I can write better. For me I have a hard time spelling even though I can spell better from when I first started writing. I’ve always been know as the worst speller in my class and was always amazed at the people who won the spelling bee every year. I think i’m capable of writing long papers because i’m naturally good at stalling and so it makes writing these posts easier too. I want to be able to write a letter to a school that i’m interested in, so that means that I need to be able to write better.

My Reading Journey

I do not remember my first book that I read as a kid but I remember that in elementary school I was always one of the top readers in my class. I really got into reading in the 3rd grade, I read all types of books such as all the Percy Jackson books, all the Michael vey books and many other good series. In 5th grade we were reading the first harry potter book for book club and at first i could handle reading only a certain amount of chapters each time but after awhile the book got so good that i ended up finishing all 7 books before we finished the the first one in book club. in my school district they had this test for reading after you read a book and it would quiz you on it and by the end of the year me and my best friend were basically tied on points but on the last day of school when all the computers were unpluged he got a chrome book and finished a test and ended up beating me by half a point. So in elementary i was really competeive and proud of the books that I read. By 7th-9th I havent read alot but I hope to change that.