January 10

Beliefs and Actions

Our beliefs help us make difficult decision in life. I think that if you have certain beliefs that some choices are easy to make because you know that you want and you wouldn’t do anything that goes ageist that belief. Why is it important to know what we believe? Because then if there is something that goes ageist that belief then you know what the right choice is. How are our beliefs formed? By people that we look up to and that we trust in, we start follow them and then we can start to make or form our own beliefs.

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December 18

1% Gain

I want to start reading every day out side of  school so I can finish more books and start to read faster. I’m kinda of a slow reader, so reading every day will be helpful to me. And by finishing more books will help with the 50 book challenge. Being able to read faster will help me in many way, even with other subjects in class.

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December 18

Literature Review

I read a story about a girl who moves to Paris,France. Her husband loses his job and stuff happens. It was a pretty good story. The dialogue was great between her and the other characters. The added emotion like sadness or happiness or any other, was really good. I think that it flowed like a real book. The start of the story was written really good, they described it really good.The mood of the story was very clear and stayed that way the whole story. Any one would like this story. The author could work on introducing the characters.

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December 14

Tell me about it.

I’m super excited about my choir filed trip that we are going on in about 2 weeks from now. We are going to go to to salt lake city. We are going to sing a song that we have been working on for like 2 months, its in a different language  and it one of the hardse ones we are going to do all year. We’ll get to see all of the pretty light that have been put up for Christmas and it is going to be great.

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December 14

Who am I as a reader?

As a read I’m really good at remembering most every thing about the book that I’m reading. And I love rereading books so that I can catch anything that I misted the first time. I’m very slow when it comes to reading so it take a long to to finish a book. I dislike books that have have a sad ending or books that have end with cliff hangers. I love book that have fantasy and some romance in it. I cant stand it when there are love triangle, or when the mane character boesnt end up with the right person.

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November 13

What am I reading

I am reading Imprints by Rachel Ann Nunes. Its about a girl that has the power to feel emotion that have been imprinted on the object. She has a customer who thinks that her daughter was kidnapped, she brings a necklace that the daughter loved. It shows that the girl lift by her on free will. She be comes obsessed with the finding the girl. I haven’t gotten very far in to the book so I cant tell you any more. It has been good so far. And anyone would I like it if they like magic and some romance.


Imprints (Autumn Rain, #1)

October 26

Reflection of term 1

I worked really hard on the short story’s, and made them as good as I could. I put detail in to my character and gave the character more depth.  I could have done better on the blog posts, I should have put a little more effort in to the blogs. I will do better this term by putting more detail on the blog post. And I will work harder on the blog posts, by making them longer and better written. My goal is to read more books that last year, and to try to read different kinds of books this year.

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October 24

The power of words

Authors use words to create mood by describing what it looks like, the clouds were black and the thunder boomed. Also how it sounds all around, like the kid giddy screams make me think of the first bay of the summer. And how it feels, the air around us was glittery as every one laughed and play. They use sretin words that make the story come to life. They us descriptive words that always made you think of a time that it was like this in your life.Image result for the power of words

October 9

What Kind of a Writer Am I?

I think that I’m good at coming up with good ideas for the short story’s, creative, and fun.I think it is really fun to come up with story’s. Also I’m good at making the story come to life. I think that I could improve on writing faster and getting things done in class and this is my goal. I struggle with getting my thought on to the pages, and finish the thought before moving on to the next one. I need to start putting more detail. I need to work on finish the story with things that actually make sense.

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October 1

How I felt about he story

This is one of the most depressing thing I have ever read. Why did they have to kill each other? Its hard to know that things like this happened in real life. When fitting in a war and you don’t know who you are shooting at. I liked it because it had interesting things happen and the story never was boring. But the fact that he killed his own brother, I can imagine how that felt.

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