Casting your character

Shadows by Robin McKinley

Meghan Ory would be perfect to play Maggie my main character, I would cast this actor because of these quote,”I was thrilled at being allowed to shovel critter crap…I’d found my dog.” Meghan has no problem working with animal, and in this story their is a lot of animals. “Margaret Alastrina (everyone calls me Maggie, but the full line up is way more effective if you want to shout).”

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The sidekick would have to be Bruce Lee as Takahiro, I choose Bruce because  the book said, “Six-and-a-half-foot” Bruce is tall and skinny like Takahiro. “Takahiro is to tall and scrawny for crushing on.” Then “I’m Japanese,” Bruce fits perfectly. And for the last quote is when he is a werewolf, “was a huge shaggy grey and silver dog with yellow eyes lying on a heap of rags.”

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For my other character, her step father Val would be played by John Rhys-Davies, he is like Val because the book said, “He was short and hairy…. who looks like a homeless crazy dumb.” Next “He was wearing another of his ugliest-ever-seen-in-a-civilized-country shirts.”  Also “His hands looked like they’d be good at strangling people and hammering nails without a hammer.”

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The Overguard would be played as Ben Stiller.  The Overguard is a special elite group of soldiers that is trained to deal with magical openings.  “The NIDL’s were the practical branch of Overguard.  If they were involved it was too big for the Watchguard, which was definitely bad news.” Then, “And the niddles were nothing if not Paranoid.” Last of all, “Except it wasn’t a hum. Or it wasn’t Hix. It was something big and bullying, trying to overwhelm both of us- something like the army tank rolling down the street towards us. Army tank?”

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I’m reading Shadows by Robin McKinley, the setting in my book is in the futcher. Maggie lives in a place called stasoin. She only has one more year in high school and it is the start of a new school year. Maggie lives in a world that has magic, but new world has cut themselves off from magic so they could be “safe”. Her stepfather Val is from old world and he thought that his magic was gone but his graauu/ shadows came with him from old world.

They have a lot of forest around their city and a big park were her world is turned up side down and she has to save her self from the cobey that is making her disippair in to the unknown. Maggie uses her magic that she didn’t know about and the help of Hix her pet gruuaa. She travels to the base that is out of the city. It looks like a desert, to save val from the Overguard. After she will have to leave every thing she knows to hide form Overguard.

Spring Break

Well first I have to hang out at my house for Wednesday to come so we can go to St George to hike. I’m going with my mom, my Aunt Cherry, and 6 other cousins.  We leave Wednesday at 2 o’clock.

We are staying with a friend that lives down in St George who is going to show us all the local hikes. On Thursday we are going to the Babylon Arch, then after lunch we are going to Vortex. The Vortex is like a big hole in the ground that people think is cool and special. Friday we’re going to Yants Flats. That is a bunch of colorful petrified sand dunes. Finally on Saturday we go to the Cracks that are like the slot canyon. Then we have a 4 hour drive home.

Term 4 Book

I choose shadows because I’ve read a lot of other books by Rodin McKinley and loved them so when I saw this on the shelf I had read it.

The reading level is 12 and up or 7th to 9th grade.

Robin 1984 novel The Hero and the Crown won the Newbery Medal as the year’s best new American children’s book. And she has won 4 others.

My call to Adventure

My “Ordinary World” is that I wake up at 6 a.m. to go running, after that I get ready for school and at 7:50 I’m on my way to school. After school I take my two dogs, Paris and tank, out for a walk for a half an hour. Then I practices my violin for another half an hour.  Then I’m free to do anything I want.

My call was when I started to write a book with my two friends. I started telling them about something I had made up in my heard when I couldn’t sleep. And they thought it was really good. And they said we should write it down.

The refusal was that I thought that it was stupid and I said that it would never happen but when my friend went home and started to write what she could remember and told me that I had to come up with more.

Ciara is the friend that helped me with most of it, because she would go back and fix the spelling and added some detail.

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Personal Quest

Experiences that have made me feel more adult? Last year we got in a car crash and my mom hurt her shoulder and wrist and had to have a surgery on both of them. So for a half of the year I made dinner every night and did the laundry, all of the cleaning, and most every thing that my mom would have done. I was the mom of the house and I don’t think my brother liked that.

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Two of my talents are both in music, I’m in the chamber choir and the other is playing the violin in Orchestra. I love music so much, so when I got to the Jr High I had to take both of them, I couldn’t choose one or the other. Everyone says that music helps people. And that made me love it even more. To see everyone’s faces after a concert is so fulfilling.

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Christmas break

Over the Christmas break I had at least 5 sleepover with my 2 friends and watch a ton of Christmas shows. On Christmas day after we opened all of the presents we went up to see my grand parents on the way there I wrote a Christmas story to go along with the short book I’m writing. Then, the next day we went up to my grandma Walker’s house to have the Family Christmas party.  The most exiting part of the break was last Saturday when we went to look at some puppy’s and my mom let me get one, and I named her Paris.

The next book I’m reading is Sky Jumpers 2. I read the first book and I really liked it. The Author of the book is Peggy Eddleman. The reading level of my book is 3-8.

My resolution is that I will try to have everything trend in on time. And that I’ll keep my grade up at an A.

Reader Response

I like, “The Anthem of Awesome” By Sekou Andrews.  I like that she says that she is prefect and beautiful in her own way.  And that there will be something to pursue and celebrate.  I like that this poem was easy to read and understand.  This is like me because I’m perfect and beautiful in my own way and that I have my own story to tell.  This poem is not like my theme song.

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This picture is like me because I’m adventurous and like to try new things even if it’s hard. I’m fun and out going, and would do anything to do stuff like riding horses, skydiving, and anything that is fun.

End of term 1

      This term, when I read, I tried to focus on my book but the people around me talk some times. It took me the entire time you gave us to finish my book, I felt rushed because I’m not a fast reader and I didn’t like my book so I was reluctant to read at home. And if I would have read at home it would have been easier and next quarter I’ll read at home.
     When I do the posts, I get to find stuff I don’t look for when I’m just reading. What was hard, is that we work more on the computers then paper, because I like writing on paper. I wish we would have had more time to do the blog posts.
     I like that we had a lot of different variety in the reports and that we got to choose which one we wanted to do. I wish I would have remembered to use quotes. I would start earlier and use more quote.


The object of my book, the Hundredth Queen, is the vials of toxins.  It symbolizes her trying to stay normal, so that she will not be noticed by any of the benefactors.  She wants to stay and become part of the sisterhood.  When she has to leave the sisterhood, she is given enough toxins to last her a long time.  But while she is traveling, most of the vials are broken and she is running out of time.

The front of my book is scarlet red.  It shows her hand with the symbols of marriage tattooed in henna on her skin.  She is holding one of the vials of toxins that she has to take to keep her powers from overtaking her.  The vials of toxins is the most important because they will kill her if they find out she has powers.  I think that is why it is on the front cover.  They made the cover for girls/women.  No, I wouldn’t change the cover because it represents the book well.

The theme of my book is to fight to survive.  The author is always saying that they have to fight so that they can survive in the lifestyle of the palace.  That is the whole reason that they have rank tournaments.  They will fight to the death for the rank so that they have a better chance of surviving.

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