Who am I


Hello, my name is Mitchell Mordecai. Recently I’ve gotten really into reading political articles, I read a lot of other stuff of course. I first learned to read when I was three, I started kindergarten back then, so I needed to know how to read. I always have loved to read about politics, but back then I was reading about ancient civilizations and how the leaders ran their countries. My favorite thing to read is all the articles telling everybody that Trump is a terrible person and how he is ruining our country. I can only read one thing at a time so it takes me a long time to get through stuff. When I’m not reading about politics, I’m reading realistic fiction history. I love how the authors tell about the past and really put themselves into their book. If I ever write books I would hope that I could be the same way.



  1. What do you find most interesting in your political reading? Do you read books by past politicians or just articles? Just curious! Thanks for your intro!

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