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Blog post #2 Steelheart backstory

Steelheart Origin

Once upon a time there was a child born to an abusive father, and an alcoholic mother and his name was Romeo Steel. He was a very talented boy growing up showing much promise in areas such as math and science, but he was bullied too much over being a “nerd,” so he gave up on that path of his life and became a bully. He bullied everyone around him and wanted payback for what everyone did to him. He was done being stepped on like a doormat. From this point on he became the foot and made everyone else his doormat. Upon entering high school he got into trouble very often. Romeo was constantly getting into fights and sent to the office, and very often suspended. Romeo wanted everyone in this high school to fear him, and fear him they did. His parents couldn’t care less what their son was doing and more often than not they beat him over the littlest things.

Romeo eventually was sent to a juvenile detention for breaking a kids spine over some lunch money. Everything in his head was messed up due to the constant abuse and neglect from his parents and all that was left was an enraged and heartless kid. Romeo didn’t have anything going for him in life and once he was let out of juvenile detention he was an adult and his parents kicked him out. He was a messed up kid living on the streets all alone until one day something appeared in the sky. It was a bright red star and as soon he saw it he felt something new coursing through his veins. He felt something powerful inside his body. For the first time his life he felt his fears melt away. Energy gathered at the palm of his hand and a ball of light appeared. Romeo now realized, he had powers.

Romeo spent the entire day creating this energy ball until he eventually threw it and blew up an entire building. He panicked and ran away, but as he was running away he began to ascend into the air. Flying was something done by superheros and here Romeo was gliding through the air like a bird. He was so excited and began creating more energy balls and threw them to the ground. He hadn’t changed his ways at all and now he was killing innocents with his new found powers. As he landed the police had arrived and they began to open fire at him. He screamed as the bullets hit him, but after a couple seconds he realized that they did nothing to him. Now furious, he yelled with all his might as everything around him turned into steel and he opened fire at the officers with his energy balls killing them all. Romeo now knew he had all of these powers, but he wasn’t sure what to do with them.

Romeo Steel was now a changed person. He adapted the persona of Steelheart and he was about to begin his tyranny upon the city of Chicago. Steelheart had to make sure his first entrance as his new self was memorable as he intended to rule the city and make everyone fear him. He came across the bank where he saw a lower villain killing everyone in there. Steelheart entered the bank frightening the man named Deathpoint as he frantically tried to attack Steelheart with no effect. Steelheart said to Deathpoint “serve me or die.” That would be Steelheart’s way of ruling for the years to come as he changed the entire city to steel and ruled as its emperor.


  1. Amelia W
    Posted September 18, 2018 at 3:53 pm | #

    I love how you describe the way he got his powers. I wish you would have described his childhood with his parents more. But I love how you talk about how he was bullied as a kid for being smart, I like those details.

  2. Haidyn
    Posted September 18, 2018 at 4:03 pm | #

    I mean it was good writing and description but I feel like it wasn’t a really an original idea.:)

  3. rrhodehouse
    Posted September 26, 2018 at 9:00 pm | #

    That family background would definitely cause someone to turn and be frustrated with life. Nice ideas!

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