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pop LIT post #2 The Story Of Steelheart

Steelheart wasnt always this way. Once he was a young boy who lived with his father. His Mother had died in an accident when he was only 4 years old.  Steelheart looked up to his father and always tried to make him proud. His father was a very hard worker who worked in the steel industry. Steelheart begged to work with his dad every day until his dad finally allowed him to on his 15th birthday.

Steelheart and his father made quite the team. Even as a teenager he was devoted to making his father proud. As time went on Steelheart became very strong. So strong he could outlift all the steelworkers in the industry. His father was very proud and this made steelheart very happy.  Steelheart and his father soon became the Heart of the company,

The two became very successful, they were unstoppable. Until one day when they were working, a strange and shadowy figure appeared to  them and the workers. ¨what do you want from us they all asked¨, but he would not respond.  Everyone soon realized that he was an epic and by the way he looked; he meant to harm. The epics eyes suddenly turned to Steelhearts father. ¨Do not touch him¨ Steelheart threateningly said in his dark, deep voice.

The epic froze in fear for a second, shocked to hear such words, then grabbed his father and ran. Steelheart chased after him catching him and began to throwing punches at the epic. The father watched in fear as his son and the epic fought brutally.  Steelheart managed to pin him down. When he just was about to kill him,  he escaped from his grip. The epic new he would not be free for long, so he pulled out his pistol and shot his father right in the neck. “No!” Steelheart screamed as he watched the bullet enter and exit through his father. “you monster’ , Steelheart immediately became filled with rage. The Epic could see the fire and fury in his eyes. The epic  could do nothing but freeze. As he watched the knife pierce his heart and and end his life. Steelheart had killed the epic. He couldnt believe it. Not only was his best friend now dead; but he was now a murderer. So ashamed and disgusted of what happened Steelheart ran off to his bunker in the mountains, that him and his father had built. Once there he slept under the stars in fear hoping his father would appear to him and give him an answer. “Why did he want to kill you father? why are epics so heartless?”

When Steelheart woke up he did not get the answers he was looking for but he did feel much stronger and powerful. He rushed to the bunker and swung open the door. Not only did the door swing open but the door came flying off. At this very moment, Steelheart new he had become an Epic.

From this moment on everything changed for Steelheart. Steelheart soon realized and knew how powerful he was. He devoted himself to killing all epics that would not comply with him in honor of his father. Steelheart was fearless and would kill anything that got in his way. He hoped that one day he would know why the epic went after his father. But later on became so corrupted from his power he killed for fun instead of with purpose. There was almost nothing that could weaken or change Steelheart.

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  1. Morgan

    I really like your story and how the dad died. It added a lot of sadness and anger to it.

  2. nia

    I love how the story has a really tight relationship between the father and son because the mom died.

  3. rrhodehouse

    It’s interesting how some characters/people become hardened by bad experiences and others can turn it into something they move on from. I liked how you developed Steelheart’s backstory here. Thanks!

  4. Samantha

    This is really good! I love his relationship with his father

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