The pigs are fed up with humans. No really they actually hate them a lot. They Hate HATE HATE that humans think they’re dumb, and It doesn’t help at all that humans are killing them off one by one so it’s time that they took the ultimate revenge. It all started when the farmer was guiding a pig named Antonio to the slaughterhouse. Little did he know that this was the fastest, smartest, and strongest of all the pigs. He was also a very strange pig his skin had a slight tinge of Royal Blue but you could only see it if you had a pig’s vision. When they made it into the slaughterhouse the farmer pushed the door so it was only slightly open. Then he reached over and grabbed his majestic ax. He hefted it high in the air above his head as if it were a powerful, ancient, artifact, but as the started to bring it down Antonio catapulted into action like a charging bull. He did a triple 360 backflip and backlashes the ax out of the farmer’s hand and grabbed it in mid air. The man was so flabbergasted he fell to the tier. He had thought this was just a normal pig but oh how wrong he was. This time it was Antonio’s turn to lift the ax. Then slash  the farmer’s head was cut clean off, but no blood came out. In a split second he realized that the farmer had dodged away and threw a dummy in his place. Antonio was angry, very angry, he was angry at all the humans, he was as angry as a baby without a bottle, He was angry that the farmer got away, then he thought SNAP OUT OF IT! He saw the farmer through the open door fleeing for his life. Yet the farmer still stood no chance. Antonio dashed after him at a speed that not even a cheetah could match and was on the farmer in a matter of seconds. The farmer tried to hurl himself away from the ax but Antonio was quicker. He swung the ax again and it hit home. That poor poor meaningless farmer was dead. Then Antonio bellowed IT’S TIME FOR THE PIGS’ REVENGE!

Cows are also fed up with how they have been treated for the past hundreds of years. Having people taking their milk and when they get old killing them for meat. It’s time that the cows also take revenge. It all started with what looked and acted like an old cow but she was actually a child prodigy. Her name was Hope. She had been born from two ingenious parents who died from accidentally creating a minor black hole. Her mind was smarter than Einstein himself. Because she looked old and acted old the farmers thought that she was old. One of the days they finally decided that she was old enough to be killed for meat. They led her to a small little shack at the back of the barn. Right when they were about to go into the barn she leapfrogged away like an elegant actress. She had thought that she had startled the farmer enough that he would be stunned for a while but he was up and ready. He quickly went into the shack and came out with a radiant, double headed battle ax. Without even a second notice he hurled the ax towards Hope, but she is a prodigy so in a split second she knew the most methodical way to hit it back. She turned around and simply flicked it with her tail. It may have looked simple enough but there was actually a lot of power and precision behind it. The ax went hurtling back at the farmer yet he was a trained and battle hardened fighter. He grabbed the ax out of mid air and sent it flying back. They both just kept on throwing it back and forth at each other waiting for their opponent to tire. Finally, after thinking for a while Hope came up with a magnificent plan. When the ax was almost on her she flicked out her tail and wrapped it around the hilt and she threw it back with all of her strength. She missed. Or so the farmer thought. It went off to the side of him but little did he know that it would swing around and hit him on the rear end of the neck. When it came back around it cut his head clean off like a pirate sentenced to a guillotine. No blood came out because it was already dried from the cold wind brought forth from the ax that was moving at least 200 mph. After she made sure that the farmer was really dead she went and freed all of the other cows. Then together they yelled IT’S TIME FOR THE COWS’ REVENGE!

The sheep are very subtle with their revenge story. Instead of attacking the humans they escaped. This story starts with a dauntless sheep named Joseph. Joseph wasn’t smart but he was very athletic and strong. The Sheep’s desertion was very quick and simple. Joseph and his friends were just trudging around playing pranks on farmers when they noticed something. If they would canter over the fence over and over again the farmer would slowly fall asleep. He brought this news back to the elders of their herd. The elders were wiser than the wisest of humans. That’s where the elders came up with the plan. They decided that if they all jump over the fence to freedom the farmer won’t notice because he would fall asleep. The next day they tried it. At first, the farmer started to chase after the sheep but then he fell into a trance. Once more than half of the herd was over the fence the farmer fell asleep. When he fell asleep He fell face down into a pile of sheep feces it was about as disgusting as watching a scientist dissecting a frog. Then once all of the sheep were out they all yelled IT’S TIME FOR THE SHEEP’S REVENGE!


As if by instinct these three groups of animals came together with Joseph, Hope, and Antonio as the generals. Together, they came up with a magnificent plan to take their revenge.


Until next time on ANIMALS TAKE REVENGE.