The Best Book I Ever Read

Through every book I’ve ever read, one stuck to me better than any¬† other. There was a series I read between my fourth and fifth grade, unofficially called “the ‘Dragon Slippers’ series.” The first book, “Dragon Slippers,” was my favorite out of the three. It starts off with a broke girl and her aunt and uncle, maybe a couple others. I believe there were rumors of a supposed “dragon’s cave” filled with riches. Her crazy aunt sends her in there to retrieve gold, but she’s faced with a dragon and instead returns with a pair of slippers.

At the time when I read this book, my friend and I were obsessed with dragons, convinced they actually existed. She read every book about them in our school library, inspiring me to pick up a book or two, only if giant fire breathing lizards with wings were involved. This lead me to Dragon Slippers. At that age, I think any kid who fantasizes about anything magical would enjoy this book. I would recommend it to those youths, whether they enjoy reading or not. I didn’t.

Dragon Slippers (Dragon Slippers, #1)

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