On Not Being Seen

Why does Conor want to be “seen” so desperately?  I think it is because he wants it to end. He just wants to go back to the way it was before his mom got sick, before the nightmare, before the monster came walking, before everyone started feeling sorry for him, before he went invisible. I think the Conor pushes away everyone who does see him because they just see him for his mum is sick and “dying” they don’t see him for him, and as lily said, “My mum said we need to make allowances for you, because of what your’re going through.” witch is like his mum is dying so we need to be nice to him witch isn’t what he wants. Why he wan’ts to be punished? He probably feels like it is his fault that his mum is sick, or he can’t stand being here where everyone knows what he is “going through”. Why is being seen important? Why would you want to be unseen? it makes you feel your worst it makes everything lonely and dark. What I think you should do if you feel unseen, figure out what it is that makes you feel unseen, find that thing fix it, make it so it is the total opposite. If you are all alone you have to figure out if you want to be all alone or if you want to change it, it mostly depends on if you want to change it you can. (Just don’t do it the way Conor does it that will make it worse.)

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Belief – The Second Tale

Yes the Parson got what He deserved. You have to feel strongly about something that thing, the Parson hated the apothecary and everything he did, He didn’t believe that whatever the apothecary does could cure anyone. The apothecary was still mean, bitter and unpleasant, but the parson ruined him before the apothecary ruined him. Believe in them, trust in them and help them grow. Coner is made at everyone “bitter” “mean” “unpleasant” he was like the apothecary, his Mum is like the Parsons daughters, his Dad and his grandma are like onlookers and they leave him (the apothecary) to go only to his Mum (the Parson) and the monster is the monster.

There is not always a good Guy

We tell them to get a grip on something that only a story can explain the best. it can show different perspective from different characters of the story the the good and the bad. But in this story you have to see the good and bad in one characters. the way that if this person did or didn’t do this one thing the whole story would change. We read them so we can learn better. so we can change our ways. That if there was no lesson then you change yourself. I think there is lessons to learn just it is to change conner.

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How I survive Hard Things

Getting through hard things is well hard. My little sister was in the hospital from the PG chlorine accident. I think what helped her besides medicine and such. Was her friends that came and drew chalk outside, or her family that just talked to her. I think its just what works for you. everyone is different, so one person could want people and social another could want quiet noise calm atmosphere, or music and watching something. I guess it just what works for that persons personality. When you sick you sleep. watch movies, drink water, medicine, skip school. those can all help as well.

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The Book Thief Film Review

What the movie did well: Well the characters are amazing!! I think this movie would be hard to film, you have to get German town and re-create the Nazi’s and get Jews. So just thinking about all they had to fallow they did a great job.

What the movie did poorly: They changed parts that are not the main ideas just the parts that lead up to it. It didn’t swear as much as the book. And each of the characters were a bit different from the book but no one is perfect, not

Ways the movie was like the book: The characters, The story line, Deaths voice, The ending where it showed all the pictures. Where her brother died on the train. The Library how she got in and out.

Ways the movie was not like the book: Rudy was alive when they pulled him out. When they had a snowball fight in the basement. The way they hid Max when the Nazi came checking basement.

What I thought of the movie overall: I liked the movie, they portrayed it good. Because I imagine that would be a hard book to film.  Finding the street, German people, Tiny house full of cameras.

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Book Reviews 2.2

What I read: The secret Diary of Lydia Bennet, Natasha Farrant, 2/5

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How it starts: Lydia got a Diary from Mary(her sister) and she hates it, she writes in it skipping weeks and only when something amazing happens like the militia coming to stay all winter.

How it gets complicated: Lydia goes with Kitty’s friend to Brighton, she gets caught up in learning how to swim, reading to impress this Comte. who also likes her but they need money so his sister is trying to kick her away.

What I liked: It connects with the Jane Austen book and movie,

What I disliked: So much Drama.

Recommendation: Romance. You will only understand most of it if you have read Pride and Prejudice or seen the movie.

Word Nerd 2.12


Source: The Deceiver’s Heart, Jennifer A. Nielsen, Pg. 323

Context: “I need a final assurance of his word to free the Coracks”

In there words: “a positive declaration intended to give confidence; a promise.” google search

In my words: An answer that gives hope.

In pictures:

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Deep Thinker 2.6

Source:  The Deceiver’s  Heart, Jennifer A. Nielsen, Pg. 819

Quote: “Huge frowned, though it still took him a moment to say ‘Simon will go halfway across the bridge. Our archer will fire the shot and he will fall into the river.’ ‘The disk?’ I asked. as if he hardly dared to speak the words, he whispered, ‘white. there not taking any chances.’ My breath caught in my throat. A white disk. A fate worse than death, forever suspending Simon in a half-life of wandering and misery.”

Context:  Kestra can take health and give her own. she is supposed to kill the king and they are at a battle right now. Simon is the leader of this battle and they want to kill ether Simon or Kestra.

This makes me think: White must be rare to do to someone. Make them into someone who is half-dead, who can never go on. Kestra and Simon are the leaders of the battle. they are the ones people will look to and rember. during the battle and afterwards.

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Word Nerd 2.11


Source: The Deceiver’s Heart, Jennifer A. Nielsen, Pg. 243

Context: “So I accompanied Trina and Basil out on horseback, following the wide path of destruction torn by the oropods and carnoxen.”

In there words: “great destruction or damage.” google search

In my words: damage at this one place they are talking about.

In pictures:

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Word Nerd 2.10


Source: My Fair godmother, Janette Rallison, Pg. 175

Context: “Tristan sent me rakish smile and shrugged. ‘Then I guess I’ll have time to enjoy all of the wedding feasting.’ ”

In there words: “having or displaying a dashing, jaunty, or slightly disreputable quality or appearance.” google search

In my words: A happy different smile

In pictures:

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