Love Moderately

Friar Lawrence encourages Romeo and Juliet to love moderately because as teenagers we are very impulsive and quite stupid. We do the things that we want to without thinking of the consequences before hand. Romeo and Juliet will most likely keep being immature, and not realize that most of what they do will make everything worst in the end. Sometimes loving moderately is more important because then the consequences of our actions can and will be less if the love isn’t as strong. Love makes people do crazy things and makes people blind. Blind is not what we need to go for…..I have no idea if what I just said makes any sense so sorry…..

I think in our lives we should take this advice. We are impulsive and don’t realize the extent of our consequences until it is upon us. ¬†We need to be responsible and take account of all of our actions.

10 thoughts on “Love Moderately

  1. I agree it’s like people are moderately smart and then they hit teenagehood… and boom they’re immature.

  2. I also think that teenagers are stupid. It’s important to think first before going into a situation, because we might not like what the consequences might be.

  3. totally agree, teenagers are stupid and Romeo and Juliet don’t know what they are getting into. Also we used the same picture, TWINS!!!

  4. I agree with this statement. If we keep our minds and our hearts in relationships we can make smarter decisions.

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