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I am thinking of writing a book, I have had many ideas for what it should be about. but I have encountered many problems. My first idea was about a girl who finds out that there is an inter dimensional realm on the other side of the mirror when her inter dimensional self dies and she is walks straight through her bathroom mirror. That idea had lots of hole so I put it back on the shelf to maybe come back to later. Then for a short period of time I had the idea that our sun turns into a black whole and we find a magical world on the other side, but science really din’t like that one so I throw it away. The idea I have now and think I might work on is that, we used to live on Venus, but the sun was growing so we had to move to earth. The government at that time realized that someday we would have to move to Mars and that by then the population would be way bigger and Mars is smaller, so they covered up that we came from Venus, and destroyed a bunch of technology, and put all the information in a book, and the sun is starting to get bigger(global warming) and soon we will have to move to Mars, but people found the book and are now secretly trying to get to Mars without the rest of the world.

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