What Would I Miss Most?

Compared to the !930’s our life is easy, we get to get up, eat a large breakfast, go to school, and then come home and basically do what ever. The problem is we take all this for granted, we wake up, look at the cereal, the toast, the many foods we could have for breakfast, and maybe eat a little, or even not eat breakfast at all, Then we go to school and complain about how we just have to sit in a room all day with friends. Then we go home do some homework and sit in front of the TV. If we lived back then we might wake up, eat a little bit of food because we only have a little bit, then possibly we might go to school, but then we would come home and probably do work, and it is probably physical work. I think the thing I would miss most is how free and easy life is, even though I take it for granted.

One comment on “What Would I Miss Most?

  1. I think we really do take what we have for granted, food is a gift that we haven’t always had access to when we needed it and now that we do and it is likely it won’t change, we really need to be grateful for that.

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