An Authority on Courage- My Grandma

My Grandma is the person that came to mind when the word courage came and this is why and what she went through

“I barley got engaged to my husband and my mom had gone to work she had gotten ready and had left for work, mean while my siblings , my fiance and I got ready to go out and eat breakfast. As we were going downtown we saw a bus had hit someone and run them over, we ran to see who it was and to help them ,as we got closer we started to recognize who it was, it was my mom. We called the ambulance and they all came down and got her.  Through this time I had to have so much courage, I was the oldest and had to be there for my siblings while my dad was with her. I had to get out of my comfort zone.  If i had advice to give it would be that life is hard and that was the hardest thing i had to do, but if it wasn’t for that I  wouldn’t be as strong or wise as I am today for the trials I went through years after. Everything happens for a reason.”


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  1. Maxwell at |

    That is so sad. Your grandma is an amazing person. Great job!!!

  2. Brighton at |

    ah that so sad! your grandma is so strong that she had to help her dad with her siblings! good job mellll


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