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My name is John Steel, but everyone knows me as Steelheart. My story starts when is was 15. One year before the first epic.

My mother and father went to a movie with me and my little brother and sister, James and Lilly. The movie theater was  so close to our house that we just walked there and back. On our way back home is when I learned that everyone is evil in the world.

I fell behind my family walking home texting this girl I liked at the time. When I looked up I saw a truck headed right for my family. I had no time to warn them, the truck tore through my family right in front of me. The next thing I knew the truck was after me and hit me in my side throwing me to the ground. I woke up in the hospital a couple days later.

All I could think about was how the truck hit everyone I loved. At the side of my bed was a detective, “Hi John, my name is detective Kennedy. I’m so sorry to tell you this, but your whole family died in the accident. I need to know what happened and what you know about your families business.” He said in a low and remorseful voice.

All I could do is sit there in the hospital shocked. Detective Kennedy kept talking but all I could hear was ringing in my ears.

What do I do know? My whole family is gone. What did he mean my family business?

“All I know is that I was walking behind my family when all of a sudden this big red Dodge truck, I think it was, killed my family… What do you mean my families business? My mom worked as a nurse and my dad was in the Marines.”

Detective Kennedy paused for a second. He looked surprised and confused. “Did you happen to see the driver?”

“No I didn’t.”

“Well we don’t have a suspect yet for who the driver is. Do you know if your parents had any enemies?”

“Not that I would know of. Wait are you telling me that you don’t know who the driver is?”


After that, I spent my day’s all alone thinking about my family in an orphanage, and the driver that killed them. He was never was found. But through the years, I found out that my parents were in this super secrete agency working with the government. It made me hate them for not telling me and hate the government for doing this to my family. I especially hated the man who killed them. I made it my life’s mission to find him and kill him.

As the years pass by, my hatred  only grew. Epics have started to appear all over.

One night, as I was walking alone in the street something hit me, something powerful. I fell to the ground with this excruciating pain in my chest. I felt my heart grow cold and as hard as steel. I felt this power in my hands that I’ve never had before. I stood up and this light came from my hands and hit the ground making a huge hole. Every thing around it had turned to steel. I couldn’t believe it, I was an epic. At that exact moment I could sense that I knew who killed my family. All of a sudden I felt my feet leave the ground and I took off towards my revenge.

That was my first cold blooded murder. I was changed that night. I could feel it. Just the cold, steel of my heart taking over every good and pure thing about me. I was know longer John Steel. I was a new person. Someone I didn’t know. It was at that moment I would forever be known as Steelheart.


4 thoughts on “Blog#2 back story”

  1. I loved how all the details of the Story came together to show the dark side of steelheart that came to be was actually his soft side

  2. Your story was very well written and detailed. Good description and punctuation. The story is easy for me to visualize. Overall great job.

  3. I liked this story and feel like it could become it’s own book with that would give so much insight to how Steelheart became Steelheart. It also gives insight to how epics, or at least some of them, become epics which was interesting put together.

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