May 15

Love Moderately

I think Friar Lawrence is trying to tell Romeo and Juliet about their relationship is not to over do it. I think it’s good advice because if you over do it, you can mess up or something. I don’t think Romeo and Juliet will take this advice because one, they love each other so much that they just want to get married and two, I already know what happens to Romeo and Juliet and that kind of explains that they didn’t listen. I think if they thought moderately they wouldn’t both die at the end of the book. They probably would of still been alive.

May 9


I think why some people hate some people so much is because there was something that happened that made them hate each other so much. Or sometimes people hate other people is because they are jealous of them or the other person does annoying stuff. Someone that I hated so much that I still hate was one of my neighbors. He was the same age as me and my parents were friends of his parents so we always hung out together. We used to play games together and rode our bikes. Everything he did just bugged me so much. He always acted like he was so smart and so cool-but he really wasn’t. They moved a long time ago and I was so happy. The only reason I really just hated him so much was because he was just so annoying.

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March 21

What I Learned About People

I learned that Liberty fears heights and spiders. She gets really nervous about heights but she said that she has gotten better because of one time she went in this helicopter thing that was over the ocean a bit and she was really nervous but after that she hasn’t been too afraid of heights. And she thinks spiders are really creepy like the way they dangle on the spider webs. I learned that she loves her family and her friends and loves to go on vacation with her family. She really liked the vacation of when she went to Florida.

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March 9

Work Will Work When Wishy Washy Wishing Will Not

Some stuff that I have done well this year in English was the essays we wrote. Specifically the Harrison Bergeon essay. I wrote really well on that essay. I got large paragraphs and a bunch of quotes and background. What I struggled with is the To Kill a Mockingbird question at the beginning of class. I didn’t do a lot of them because I was gone for a week for having the flu. That really killed my grade in this class and it took a while to do all the homework and to catch up on reading and to come in to do the questions. My goal for last term is to first not miss any school because it really sucks for my grades. But also to read more. I want to read at least every other day for at least 30 minutes. That will also help me to finish my books.

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February 21

To Kill a Mockingbird Review

The book is about Jem and Scout who have a dad named Atticus. They live in Maycombm, Alabama. Then Atticus defends Tom Robison who is accused of raping Mayella. They grow up and learn the truth about Boo Radley. It starts with it all started when Jem broke his arm. Then it starts to lead of Jem and Scout’s life. The plot starts to get complicated when they introduce the Tom Robison case. I have heard of this book by my mom and she has enjoyed it. I have never read it because I remember that I read the first page and it was really boring. I think this book was well written and it’s one of those books that everyone should at least read.

I also really enjoyed the movie. They got most of the important stuff that the book had. They did leave out Aunt Alexandra, and there was no Miss Rachel, Mrs. Dubose’s house did not burn down, and there was little things that the book left out. I don’t think these things would of have been needed in the movie anyways. It would of have made the movie way longer than it already is. And honesty it’s not that important. I would recommend this movie to everyone but only after they read the book first.

February 14

Good Stuff

The quote that I picked was-“Don’t fool yourselves–it’s all adding up and one of these days we’re going to pay the bill for it” (252). I thought that was well said. After all the years and even today of racism it’s all going to add up one day. Basically what it was saying is that the more we do it the more of a consequence it’s going to be. I like how Atticus is speaking up for the black people. Most of the white people are taking advantage of them. And it’s important that Atticus knows it’s wrong to do that.

February 12

An Authority on Courage-My Dad

Whenever I think of someone who is courageous I think of my dad. When he doesn’t know what the right thing is, he just kind of knows. “I’m not sure what’s the right thing to do.” Well whenever I don’t know what’s the right thing to do I just think what feels right. Whatever thing you are trying to decide on, I would pick what my gut is telling me what’s right. If you were deciding what college to go to or something I would pick the one that just feels like the right one. You will figure it out when you know.

January 29


I think it’s worth trying even if you know you are going to lose. If I knew I was going to lose I would at least try because there can be that lucky chance or something. And I think that’s really unfair. A white man shouldn’t always win if a black man was a part of this case. They should be treated equal no matter what color they are. I think that it’s good that Atticus is going to put his family through this ordeal even though he knows he isn’t ¬†going to win. He just needs to at least try.