November 14

Tell Me About It

For the last three weeks, I’ve been doing two a days for wrestling. I thought that it was only gonna go for two weeks, but it’s lasted three and I can’t wait for it to finally be over and for me to, “sleep in” til’ seven. But, one more thing that’s been on my mind is the over-nighter practice that’ll last twelve hours from 6:00 PM Friday, until 6:00 AM Saturday. I’m excited for two a days to finally be over, but I’m also super nervous about the overnight practice. It’s probably going to be the hardest thing physically I’ll have to do, and I’m doing it in just three days.

November 12

What I’m Reading

I am currently reading Catching Fire, by Suzanne Collins, which is the second book in the series. I’ve read this book before but I was younger and didn’t fully comprehend everything that was taking place in the story so I’m re-reading it. I love this book series, it’s such great story about government and revolution and the author does a really good job of immersing the reader. One of the only things I dislike about the book is the movie. Which I guess isn’t about the book, but I saw the movie before I read the book. The movies weren’t nearly as good as the books and didn’t tie up all the loose ends very well. The movie has made an impression on my opinion of the overall story and that just doesn’t work. The story is about Katniss Everdeen, who lives in a dystopian world where the government has an annual hunger games. They take two tributes from each of the twelve districts and make them fight to the death.

November 8

Who Am I as a Reader

I’ve always loved reading, and I used to read books all the time… and then I grew up and got busy. Over the years I’ve definitely progressed as a reader, when I was younger I couldn’t really understand or picture what I was reading very well. So, for the last few years, I’m re-reading all the book series I’ve read in an attempt to better understand what was happening and just in general to refresh my memory. As I’ve read these books over again, I have understood plainly what was taking place in the book much better than when I was younger. I have improved a lot as a reader.

October 25

How I Did During First Term

Last term I did really well with my reading. I read the whole Eragon series, and each book is 600-800 pages long. In total I read twelve books, if I read twelve books every term, and a couple more, I could complete the fifty book challenge. (If i can find enough books to read.) I struggled with my writing last term. It wasn’t bad, per-say, I just overlooked a few things in a hurry to get it done, and my grade almost suffered because of it. My academic goal for this term will be to read thirteen books, and to be more thorough with my writing. My personal goal for this term is to be more outgoing. I hope to be a better writer by the end of the term.

October 23

The Power of Words

When an author writes, word choice is very key in making the book immersive and creating a clearer image in your mind. I’ve read a lot of books where the character described has gotten into some fight/brawl. The best books use word choice like growl, howled with pain, and cheered triumphantly. Of course, people don’t growl, but they can grumble and grunt when their in a fight. But the author uses growl, because it puts you in the mood of the fight. Sometimes, you need to look up synonyms of words, because the word you chose doesn’t fit as well as you’d like. Different words, although synonyms that mean the same thing, have different meanings. If you used the word disliked instead of spurned, it wouldn’t be as strong of a hatred, which is true for some circumstances.

October 8

What Kind Of Writer Am I?

I think that my writing is very vocabulary-oriented. I read a lot, and my vocabulary has grown a lot because of it. I also have a lot of author’s descriptions in the back of my head that I’ve seen a lot. I can describe things very good at describing what’s happening, but I’m not as good at creating an environment and describing that environment so that readers can picture it in their minds. Also, when I’m writing, I notice that my story tends to change in the middle of my writing, and so sometimes I overlook small details that are one way in the beginning, and a different way in the end, and it creates loose ends and plot holes.

September 28

How I Felt About The First Story: The Sniper

At the beginning of the story, when the author described the main character, the sniper, he said that he had ascetic eyes and the face of a student. The definition of ascetic is disciplined and abstaining from all self-indulgence. And then, just a paragraph later, the sniper, someone who is supposed to remain hidden and unseen, lights a cigarette. This shows an extreme lack of discipline, and although it’s what moves the story forward, he gave away his position and deviated from the author’s description as ascetic. Other than that, I thought the author could have done better with his character’s decisions. The sniper blows his cover by lighting a cigarette, and the opposing sniper stands up, exposing himself, after he thinks that he confirmed his kill, by doing so, he get’s shot by the main protagonist. Any sniper would never stand up in the open, even after confirming a kill. Also, at the end of the story, when the sniper shoots the antagonist, he uses a revolver. In the book it says he’s about fifty yards away, and he’s shooting with his non-dominant hand. There is no way he could have hit the opposing sniper.

September 26

What I Look For In A Good Character

A good character should never be too perfect, because when they are, there’s no purpose to the story because there’s no struggle. A character can’t be too much of a screw up, they have to have those qualities that make them morally strong people. They should be a leader, they should think for themselves, and should be hard-working. When you read the Inheritance series, Eragon’s cousin, Roran, is a very strong and hard set stubborn person. He’s a good leader and he prevails in a battle between superior races such as elves and dwarves, as a human. He’s the kind of character that has a firm commitment and can handle a lot, so he’s a morally strong character.

September 24

Why Do We Read Stories

When we read stories it places us into environments, with choices and thoughts that otherwise in our boring lives, we never would have expanded on. As we read stories about other people’s trials, we learn empathy, and wisdom. When you read, you use parts of your brain that otherwise would have never been worked and therefore expanding your knowledge and changing the way you think. You become more creative, with the ability to think outside the box. But reading doesn’t have to always be educational. When you read, you’re immersed into a whole new world where you imagination and creativity can run wild. You can leave your own world for a time and live in another.

September 20

The Best Book I Ever Read

My favorite book is Unlikely Heroes. It’s not a story with a plot and a conclusion, but it contains several stories of untold heroes of the American Revolution. Every chapter is a new story, and some you may forget, but you’ll definitely remember a few, and they’ll stick with you. I have always been interested in history, and my favorite topic is the American Revolution. Just to learn about normal ordinary people, like the prisoner destined to be hanged who saved George Washington’s life, or how general Von Steuben, who cussed out the troops at valley forge and taught them discipline. This book is very educational, and a very good read. I would rate it four stars.