May 23

I’m a Big Kid Now

I honestly don’t think this was a year of drastic change for me. This was probably the year where I felt as if I drifted along the most this year. I have noticed that each year I gradually improve, I never do worse, sometimes it’s minimal, but I’m always improving. I would not say I accomplished anything either. This entire year I was waiting for ninth grade to end, so that I could go to high school. Especially when it came to sports, being a ninth grader was just a hurdle to jump over where you are at a disadvantage in sports, and rely on everyone else for rides and such.

May 21

Secrets Secrets are No Fun; Secrets Secrets Hurt Someone

Some people think that they are alone, and for some that may be true. But I think that it becomes a self-fulfilled prophecy. They think that they are alone, and they have no one to talk to, so they don’t communicate and be vulnerable. I think this makes them feel even more alone, because secrets and hiding feelings makes you feel lonely and everything festers inside. But, for some of us, there’s always someone we can talk to, whether it’s a parent, or a friend, or even a teacher. Sometimes, people are the causes of their own misery. Inaction, can be worse than a false action, because you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

May 15

Love Moderately

Whenever there is a relationship, there is always a honeymoon stage, where the two people only know the good qualities of each other. The honeymoon stage could be prolonged, or it could last for just a few days. If two people don’t love moderately, and are too obsessive about their relationship, it can fizzle out quickly. Friar Lawrence compared honey to relationships. Honey tastes great in small quantities, but if you consume too much, it can become disgusting.  If you don’t love moderately, the relationship could taste bitter, and it could die quicker than it should. Long love is produced from loving moderately.

April 19


There are two people in my life who I hate the most. These are two examples of two reasons to hate. One, I hate because they are obsessed with themselves, and the other I hate for personal reasons that aren’t just about who they are, but what they’ve done. I hate person A because of irrational reasons, their personality irks me to the core. They are the epitome of someone who loves to hear the sound of their own voice, whether they are singing, or trying to be seen as a motivational speaker in the middle of class. They are willing to share personal trials with the class so that they may seem experienced and wise to their fellow students. Although this person has never done anything specific to me, I hate the way they act. The second person, I think I have a good reason to hate. Although they may be a very good person, I don’t like he/she because of what they did, and how they screwed me over. I think the only way to move past this, is just to ignore and forget, because I don’t see the point in re-hashing something that’s over and done with by going through the trouble of forgiving that person.

April 15


If teachers were to cave to everyone of students desires, no one would learn anything. Even though Shakespeare is challenging for some students, that doesn’t mean we should stop teaching it. Shakespeare may seem boring to most students, but the life lessons and stories are still applicable to people today. Shakespeare should still be taught, it has been taught and studied for hundreds of years, the curriculum is old and always advancing. Therefore the way it is taught is fine tuned. Teachers have been teaching Shakespeare for so long that they know exactly how to relay it to their students.

April 11

Everything I Know or Think I Know About Shakespeare

Last year in English we learned about Shakespeare. I know that he wrote hundreds of little poems called sonnets, and he kinda started his career that way. I know that in plays back then, only men played parts and they played the woman parts too. Shakespeare invented thousands of words in the English language, words like “lonely”. He wrote the plays Macbeth, Hamlet, and many more whose names I forgot. I’ve read the edited-down version of Hamlet and that’s basically my only experience with Shakespeare. Those revised plays really shed a bad light on Shakespeare for me. The revised versions just made the plays seem stupid to me. If we only read the revised versions of the plays, and we watched the half-baked movies made about them, I probably won’t enjoy learning about Shakespeare.

April 9


The ability to self assess is the key to the ability to improve. If you feel no need to improve or advance, you never will. There are multiple ways self-assessment can help you in life, considering school, you will only improve on certain subjects if you fix the areas in which you are weak. If you’re bad at math, but good at English, the best way to improve would be to self-assess where you need improvement and fix it. Even when it comes to dating and being social self assessment could help you to improve in that aspect. If you date a girl, and she breaks up with you because you spent too much time playing fortnite, you can self-assess, and fix your mistakes.

March 11

How I Will Dominate During Term 4

I have gotten straight A’s this whole year, except for one A- last term. I feel really good about this year and I’m hoping to get straight A’s one more time before I move on to high school. By the end of the year I’m going to try not to procrastinate assignments until the night before they are due. I’ve been fine so far, but it will alleviate a ton of stress If I get my assignments done as fast as possible. I also want to be better at studying. An example of this is for Biology. I will probably never take another biology class as long as I live, (if it’s up to me) but I just need to study enough to get an A and be done with it.

March 5

How I Feel About To Kill a Mockingbird

To Kill a Mockingbird was a good book, but the story didn’t really move me at all. I didn’t relate to anything really and it just didn’t amaze me, It almost seemed kind of dull and monotone. Of course it’s a classic book and I would recommend using it as a reading for next years students. It had good philosophies but they were just plain good. It wasn’t horrible, or amazing, it was just good. In all honesty, the climax was not very well built up to. The whole book was about Tom Robinson’s trial, and in one page the author just dismissed it, and moved on to Bob Ewell.

February 26

Good Stuff From to Kill a Mockingbird

When Aunt Alexandria reprimands Dill for being cynical, he says, “Tellin’ the truth’s not cynical is it?” Sometimes in society we don’t like to hear the truth. We dance around and don’t really delve deep into what the truth is. Most of this is because people are so scared to offend others, but in doing so, they are hurting the person. The truth is and always will be the truth. The past doesn’t change and the truth doesn’t change. To call the truth cynical is to say that the truth is only an opinion of what we see, and not what is actually there. Aunt Alexandria throws out a comeback saying, “The way you tell it, it is.” This is not true. Because no matter how you speak the truth, the truth is always the same. A better retort would be, “it is when that’s the only truth you speak.” Sometimes people like to highlight the bad, and hide the good. Television news is a perfect example of this. News stations will receive video footage of an event, and find a way to trim the video so that it portrays one thing as opposed to another. But that still doesn’t make the truth cynical.