September 28

How I Felt About The First Story: The Sniper

At the beginning of the story, when the author described the main character, the sniper, he said that he had ascetic eyes and the face of a student. The definition of ascetic is disciplined and abstaining from all self-indulgence. And then, just a paragraph later, the sniper, someone who is supposed to remain hidden and unseen, lights a cigarette. This shows an extreme lack of discipline, and although it’s what moves the story forward, he gave away his position and deviated from the author’s description as ascetic. Other than that, I thought the author could have done better with his character’s decisions. The sniper blows his cover by lighting a cigarette, and the opposing sniper stands up, exposing himself, after he thinks that he confirmed his kill, by doing so, he get’s shot by the main protagonist. Any sniper would never stand up in the open, even after confirming a kill. Also, at the end of the story, when the sniper shoots the antagonist, he uses a revolver. In the book it says he’s about fifty yards away, and he’s shooting with his non-dominant hand. There is no way he could have hit the opposing sniper.

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