Educational Links

Here are several websites that we use in our class:

Each of these can be accessed through Clever.  

GO TO:; Log in as a student; Search for School:  Cedar Ridge Elementary, Alpine, UT; Log in with Google; Enter your child’s email address and password; Click on J. Lefrandt’s Page.

Lexia is an adaptive learning program that works on the development of fundamental literacy skills for students at their own level.


iReady Math:  Students can practice skills here that they are presently learning in the classroom.  Also included is an adaptive program called Pathways that targets their own level of skill.

reflexmath Reflex Math is a site that uses games to help your child learn the addition and subtraction facts in a fun way.  Log in using information provided for your child.
Prodigy math contains fun adaptive math games and activities that align to the skills that are presently being taught in class.  To be coming soon…


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