Believing is something that you have never seen or heard or anything but thinking that it is real. The monster punished the guy that gave up his belief because you should always stay true to what you believe. Conner thought it was going to be the guy that din’t save the kids but it was their father. this ties in with Conner because he believes that he wants to to leave his grandma but might change his mind for his mom and the monster.

The Meaning of stories

Stories to me are more than just “if you do something good then you everything will be alright” because like the monster said, There isn’t always a good and a bad guy most people are in between. That is correct because everyone does something bad in their life and everyone does something good. Some of them might be closer to one side it that doesn’t madder because it is still in between.

deep thinker 2.3

deep thinker

Michael vey: storm of lighting, Richard Paul Evans, 147

The world has gotten so complex. I sometimes wonder if all these labor-saving devices actually just make our lives more difficult.

They just got to christmas ranch and are just enjoying their lives at the moment.

this makes me think the even though we don’t have to do as much we still are doing just as much work and it is making us more stressed out and we can’t comprehend it and we are just going to go crazy and descend into a world of madness.


Book review 2.2

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Eona: the two pearls of wisdom, Allison Goodman, 637, fantasy, 5 out of 5

How it starts

they are at a fisher village where they just escaped from the castle in the first book.

How it gets complicated

She can’t decide if she wants to be with Kygo the emperor or Ido the dragon eye because they both have different power.

what I liked

I never wanted to put it down. I love the characters and how they are made and put together to make a great story. This is well written and I would definitely read it again. He time loop that she is in again is cool. She is doing the same thing her ancestress did when she was the mirror dragon eye.

what i didn’t like

I liked mostly everything except a few things. In the end I really wished that they still had a union but with the dragon choosing to and not being forced to give her power.


I recommend this book if you are in High School or  a young adult. It is a great book and I hope you will read it sometime.



Book review 2.1

Michael Vey 7
I read Micheal Vey #7 The Final Spark, Richard Paul Evans, Fantasy, 319, 4.5 out of 5
How it starts
The survivors left on  the joule and are trying to get to the voice.
How it gets complicated
Hatch has the Fijian Navi capture the kids
what I liked
It was a fast read but a good one. The author did a really good job and I didn’t want it to end.
what I disliked
I didn’t like the part were the village elder knew that micheal would come back. I don’t think that that would be possible and that they would think that he was going to be the prophecy of their lightening God. I also didn’t like that he didn’t give much more of what happened to christmas Ranch.
I think that anyone could read this series because they aren’t to long but they carry on super good.


word nerd 2.10

word nerd


Micheal vey: hunt for jade dragon, Richard Paul Evans, 248

You just want to see my ballerina, she said coyly

in an outwardly shy or modest way intended to be alluring.

to cunningly say something so they think you are telling the truth

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word nerd 2.9

word nerd


micheal vey: hunt for jade dragon

in spite of my father’s assurances, I still had and ocean of questions.

a positive declaration intended to give confidence; a promise.

telling someone over and over that it will be ok

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word nerd 2.8

word nerd


micheal vey: hunt for jade dragon, Richard paul Evans, 230

I know it sounds ridiculous. Trust me, it is. But that’s Chinese bureaucracy for you.

a system of government in which most of the important decisions are made by state officials rather than by elected representatives.

Leslie from Parks and Rec

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