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Disclosure Document

AP Physics
Mrs. Andersen

Have you ever wondered why things fall? Why rainbows appear? Why cars have airbags? Then Physics is the course for you. This year we will study the science of motion, forces, gravity, energy, light, sound, electricity, circular motion, and even more importantly, how to analyze these systems in a scientific way to understand the world around us. This course will focus on not just understanding the science of specific situations, but how to think like a scientist to problem solve in new situations. Math is a wonderful tool to analyze scientific situations, and successful completion of Elementary Algebra is a prerequisite for this course.

As the Advanced Placement label implies, this will be a rigorous course and I will have high expectations for each of you. Student will be expected to be self-motivated and hard workers. Every student enrolled in this course should be planning to take the AP exam.

If at any point you feel lost or behind in this course, come talk to me as soon as possible so we can make a plan to help you succeed. I will be available most days before and after school for 30 minutes. If you need me at another time other than those mentioned, contact me and I will try to be as flexible as I can.

Materials Needed Daily:
Scientific Calculator (graphing abilities not required)
Paper or notebook to take notes in
Graphing Composition Notebook for Labs

Online Homework:

Online Homework will be assigned daily. It can be found at intelligentdesigneronline.com/aatkin . I also have a class website at asdpages.org/mvhsphysics where I will post links and power points for extra help on difficult topics. I recommend bookmarking both of them on a home computer for easy access.

Grading in Class:

From time to time we may grade assignments or quizzes in class. Students may be required to grade or review the work of others, and have their work graded or reviewed by other students. I also will use student aides to help grade some student work.

Late work Policy:

Work completed after the due date be accepted for partial credit. After the unit test, no assignments from a unit will be accepted.

Academic Honesty:

I expect every student to do his or her own work. Student may teach and help each other to develop understanding of concepts, but should never complete work for another student. Students caught copying or cheating or being dishonest in any way in my class will loose an appropriate amount of credit on the related assignment.

Attendance and Tardies:

I will adhere firmly to school policy regarding absences and tardies. As much of the learning in this course will be done through lab work, student attendance is critical for success in the course. I expect students to be on time and ready to learn every class period. In the case of an absence, it will be the student’s responsibility to come talk to me to discuss a plan to make up missed classwork and labs.

Distractions in Class:

I reserve the right to confiscate any item that is acting as a distraction in my class. This includes, but is not limited to, cell phones, iPods, tablets, games, and accessories. Texting or receiving or making phone calls or playing electronic games during class is NEVER permitted. If a student is found using a distracting item in class, I will place it in a secure place in the classroom for the remainder of the class period. The student will be able to retrieve the item after class.

Grade Breakdown:

Grades will be posted online on Skyward. I will do my best to ensure that the grades shown there are up to date and accurate. Scores from the online homework are not automatically uploaded into Skyward, but I will load them frequently. 

Homework (10%)
Labs (30%)
Quizzes (20%)
Tests (40%)

A 90 to 100% B 80 to <85% C 72 to <76%
A- 87 to <90% B- 78 to <80% C- 70 to <72%
B+ 85 to <87% C+ 76 to <78% F <70%

This class is open to all students. Mountain View High School offers education to all students and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, disability, or national origin.  Students who have a grievance with another student or any school employee should talk to the school administration or a counselor about their concerns.


Welcome to AP Physics! We’re up for a fun, challenging year! This page is where you will find extra help on the topics we are covering in class. I post links to helpful websites and videos and upload powerpoints or files on the topic we are covering in class.