October 11

Technology: Friend or Foe?

Is technology a friend or a foe? That is a question we all have been wondering, in my opinion i think it can be a friend or a foe it could be either like it can be a friend to others or help people but it can be bad at the same time because in the story “The Veldt” it had the ability to kill actual people with an illusion which sounds impossible but these kids found out a way to kill there parents with lions, VIRTUAL lions and it was the moms falt because she said “…just leave it on just a little longer.”so is technology a friend or a foe?

October 3

What I’ve Been Reading

I spent all the 4 hours reading in the English class I’ve been reading Amulet its a great series. Im on the Fifth book right now and its about this girl named Emily Hayes and she found this amulet that basically led to a new world and she made a lot of friends on her adventure and its super cool because- i shouldn’t say anything else or that’ll be spoiling the story. (This picture is book six just to let you know)

September 27

I Can Use Figurative Language!

Once there was a young prince named Nova Sierra. He was 14 years old and his parents died in the war of the Shadow warriors and the Wyvern warriors his warriors had to retreat because his parents died by General Shadow-sphere and he was the leader of the shadow knights. After his parents died he went on an adventure to get revenge on General Shadow-sphere so he told his personal maid “To watch over the castle while he was gone and to make sure his little brother didn’t get into any trouble.” Then he left on his adventure with his friend Aqua Peirs they have been friends for 10 years.

September 13

What I’m Doing Right and What I Can Still Do Better

I think what i’m doing right is following instructions in most of my classes like only one of my classes I don’t pay attention in is my computer class which I wish I switched it out when i could like in the beginning of school but its to late now because we only got 2 days to do it and i didn’t do it so now i’m stuck with Ms. Twiggs as my computer teacher i don’t like her class one bit, its just super boring and annoying what i think i can do better is actually study for like tests and other stuff you need to study for.(sorry for the run on sentence, sorry)

September 11

Who am I as a Writer?

I don’t write a lot but my writing looks a lot better then when I was a little tiny child but now i’m like 14 years old in 9th grade but when I started writing (well kind of writing) it was with my finger in like kindergarten and i was just tracing the letters.