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this is frisk, a wonderful (genderless) child who always does the right thing, even if it hurts…


One of the main ways to tell what the right thing to do is if it causes pain, it’s definitly not the right thing. Even if you think all of your options cause pain, you can always find a way, just sometimes it’s hard to find. If there are multiple choices that dont cause pain, choose the one that helps more people, or that helps one person better, and if there are still multiple options, then it doesn’t really matter. and also remember that you are still important, everyone is, we all are unique and important to someone, and if you don’t think anyone cares about you, and that it would be better if you were dead, then I care about you. I love each and every living being on the earth, with all my heart, and all my soul.


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  1. Bailei Reply

    I love how straight forward you are when you say that if it causes pain, its not right.

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