How I Feel About To Kill A Mockingbird

Okay, first off, I just need to say, I did not read the whole book. But, I can still evaluate the book. The same way one would do a puzzle. Knowing you only have about half the pieces, putting together what you have, and when you put everything you can together, making an educated guess as to what you’re missing. And getting a shadow of what it would be with the rest of the pieces.

Doing that, I found To Kill a Mockingbird a decent read. I read much of the beginning, which was good because the beginning of the book provided me with (almost) all the edge pieces I needed. I then read fragments of theĀ  middle of the book, providing me with chunks of the inside of the puzzle, all in differing sizes and shapes. I then listened to Mr. Green reading the end of the book, and that gave me the pieces I needed to connect all those chunks from the middle of the book to each other and to the frame I got from the beggining of the book.

When I placed the last piece I had in its place, what I got was an image, nowhere near completion, but with the knowledge I had, from the book and from my own personal experience, I filled in most of the small hole, some of the bigger ones, and maybe one or two of the largest of the holes. What I got still had some gaps, but the overall image was one of the best books I’ve read, not close to the top (there are still lots of holes in the image) but it’s up there. It’s not because of the story itself, but due to the overall message it gives, and the feeling i had when Mr. Green read the last few paragraphs. That feeling though, was again, not the complete image, but a shadow. Even that gave me a very strong feeling, indescribable in words, and unrepeatable.

So, to give you the pieces to put all the blobs together in the frame of this puzzle, To Kill a Mockingbird is, not a good read, but when you finish it, you will be changed, I can’t tell how, but I do know you will be a different person when you finish the whole book.

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