How to choose a book by it’s cover

Well i always start with my favorite genre’s which include Romance Fictional and Non-fictional books. Then after I find the section with my genre it depends on my mood sometimes i go for the most blank cover of a book or the complete opposite. Then once i find a few books that look good to read and that i will enjoy i open to a random page in the book and I do the 5 finger test. The 5 finger book test is where you open to any page in the book and read only that page, and each time you come across a word that takes you a little to find out how to pronounce or a word you don’t know how to say you put a finger. Now if you get 0-2 the book is to easy for you if you 3 4 ish then well that’s perfect, and if you 4 or more it is to hard for you and then you would move to another book.

He Was Without Imagination

I Believe that Jack London when he said “the man lacked imagination”. To be honest I agree with him because well the guy was full of greed and not logic, he was only thinking about the money and not his own personal health which you know normally comes first in minus 60 degree weather. If he had imagination or more of it he could have thought more logically and probably would have made it back to camp. so there for when Jack says he lacks imagination its true because if he had that imagination he could of thought more logically. The lack of imagination is well what strives us as humans we grew up on imagination but if a child doesn’t have that or lacks that they get into trouble because they don’t imagine what life could be like if they chose to do the right thing they only think that they need to do it this way so they can get what they want “faster”. Now living in Pleasant Grove Utah I know that you really need imagination cause we don’t have alot of things for kids to do so if someone lacks imagination here then they get into all the bad stuff like drugs smoking etc. London is trying to say that everyone needs to have a least a small imagination because if you don’t and you lack that imagination your brain doesn’t think thru all the possible ways.

word nerd 1.1

Source:pg 144 Wuthering Heights  By: Emily Bronte

Context: I was laid alone, for the first time, rousing from a dismal dose after a night of weeping, I lifted my hand to push the panels aside;it struck the table top!


In their words:





causing gloom or dejection; gloomy; dreary; cheerless; melancholy:dismal weather.
characterized by ineptness or lack of skill, competence, effectiveness, imagination, or interest; pitiful:Our team played dismal game.

Obsolete .

  1. disastrous; calamitous.
  2. unlucky; sinister.


Southern U.S. tract of swampy land, usually along the coast.
In my words: a dark and droopy time which usually happens by a disaster.



Word Nerd 1.2

Source: Wuthering Heights     By Emily Bronte  Page 84

Context: “You must not go!”she exclaimed energetically.

Their words:




possessing or exhibiting energyespecially in abundance; vigorous:an energetic leader.
powerful in action or effect; effective:to take energetic measures against crime.
My words: A powerful action which is loaded with a burst of energy.

Book Review of Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte


Pages:389    5 star review a lot to process and a lot to memorize but a really good book. I would say in order to read this book you have to be okay with big weird words and you have to have a good memory to remember all the little back round but most importantly you need to be in love with romance novels.

5 star book review easily, this is a romance novel about Mr. Lockwood who goes to Wuthering Heights to search for a solitude, while he is staying there he is treated bad by the people who own it,(Heathcliff, Hareton, and Cathy). he discovers Cathy’s Diary late one night when he was snooping around, he finds out that Cathy and Heathcliff are close because Heathcliff got treated badly by his father. Heathcliff then sleeps as an encounter with the supernatural in the form of a nightmare and sees Catherine Lintons ghost who has been awaif for twenty years and kept saying in a howl let me in he passes out and then trouble breaks out. Heathcliffi is in love with cathy but alot more unfolds in the past which stops it in multiple places. I will not tell you anymore so you can read it for your self. Notes: This book has french words in it and is a really challenging book it is a romance and it also takes place in the in 1874 so the context is really hard and you have to understand a lot and have a good memory for this to make sense.



word nerds 1.3

Source: Book: The Fault in Our stars by John Green pg.260       context: “I’d hoped that he’d be eulogizing me, because there’s no one I’d rather have…I started crying.”

In their words:



eu·​lo·​gize | \ ˈyü-lə-ˌjīz  

Definition of eulogize

transitive verb

to speak or write in high praise of EXTOL
My definition: To praise someone for something.

What’s the Deal with Stories?

Stories help not only as i time passer by or to improve deep thinking, but they are used to shape someones life,personality,and there attitude. Because if you raise your kid by reading them gory books and telling them other stuff like that when they are young that will effect there attitude and there personality along with how they treat people. If you read them fairy tails and books about hungry caterpillars that turn into a butterfly they will be nicer and sweeter to people and they will be more relaxed when they get older than reading them gory books and stuff. Without the story’s about history we wouldn’t have a clue about what brought popcorn to the us or how we became a country.

The Best Book I Have Ever read

My favorite book Is the Fault In Our Stars By:John Green

Don’t even get me started on this book it is such an emotional story. I have read it about 15 times and each time it has made me laugh cry and each time i go back and re read it i learn more and more things that i didn’t notice before. I loved the comedy and the very fun roller coaster. It is a book about a a girl who has cancer who goes to a support group and falls in love with a kid who survived cancer. She is in love with the book An Imperial Affliction and the author.

My Book Review about The fault in our stars by John Green

The Fault in our stars in my all time favorite book it is such an amazing breath taking story, with a plot that with each page you read it just gets more amazing and when it’s over you’re like where did it all go. Then you end up reading it 15 times over again, and even by then you are still asking your self where did it all go. So let me give you a summary of my favorite book. 16 year old Hazel Grace has lung cancer she found out when she almost died at age 13. Her parents thinking that she would bite it( meaning die from it) Took her out of public school  and started her on online schooling and now she is taking college courses. Her parents think she is depressed cause she is always re reading one book An Imperial Affliction so they send here to a support group. She makes friends with Issac another kid at her support group and eventually meets Augustus Waters a kid who beat bone cancer.They go exploring for the author and you learn what it somewhat feels like to have to live with cancer and death. I can’t say anymore cause the rest is for you to find out so have fun and enjoy reading There is nothing I don’t like in this book it is all amazing. ……………Five Star Rating by  far my favorite book. People who would love this book is people who like romance,suspense,and hear break.

Why i like and dislike school

I like school and i don’t but don’t we all? I think my favorite three classes are pop lit and then choir and then drama. I really don’t like math or English cause they are both really hard for me. I have amazing friends ( that’s the main reason why i keep coming to school) that and my mom makes me. I love the teachers too i feel like it’s hard to find teachers who have a funny personality and yet can still keep us kids in line. A little off topic but i think teachers deserve a whole lot more credit and money, they but up with kids 6 hours 5 days a week. Even at home there work doesn’t stop, they have to grade papers, prepare lessons for there classes, and go to meetings for work.