My Book Review about The fault in our stars by John Green

The Fault in our stars in my all time favorite book it is such an amazing breath taking story, with a plot that with each page you read it just gets more amazing and when it’s over you’re like where did it all go. Then you end up reading it 15 times over again, and even by then you are still asking your self where did it all go. So let me give you a summary of my favorite book. 16 year old Hazel Grace has lung cancer she found out when she almost died at age 13. Her parents thinking that she would bite it( meaning die from it) Took her out of public school¬† and started her on online schooling and now she is taking college courses. Her parents think she is depressed cause she is always re reading one book An Imperial Affliction so they send here to a support group. She makes friends with Issac another kid at her support group and eventually meets Augustus Waters a kid who beat bone cancer.They go exploring for the author and you learn what it somewhat feels like to have to live with cancer and death. I can’t say anymore cause the rest is for you to find out so have fun and enjoy reading There is nothing I don’t like in this book it is all amazing. ……………Five Star Rating by¬† far my favorite book. People who would love this book is people who like romance,suspense,and hear break.

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