Book Review of Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte


Pages:389    5 star review a lot to process and a lot to memorize but a really good book. I would say in order to read this book you have to be okay with big weird words and you have to have a good memory to remember all the little back round but most importantly you need to be in love with romance novels.

5 star book review easily, this is a romance novel about Mr. Lockwood who goes to Wuthering Heights to search for a solitude, while he is staying there he is treated bad by the people who own it,(Heathcliff, Hareton, and Cathy). he discovers Cathy’s Diary late one night when he was snooping around, he finds out that Cathy and Heathcliff are close because Heathcliff got treated badly by his father. Heathcliff then sleeps as an encounter with the supernatural in the form of a nightmare and sees Catherine Lintons ghost who has been awaif for twenty years and kept saying in a howl let me in he passes out and then trouble breaks out. Heathcliffi is in love with cathy but alot more unfolds in the past which stops it in multiple places. I will not tell you anymore so you can read it for your self. Notes: This book has french words in it and is a really challenging book it is a romance and it also takes place in the in 1874 so the context is really hard and you have to understand a lot and have a good memory for this to make sense.



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