He Was Without Imagination

I Believe that Jack London when he said “the man lacked imagination”. To be honest I agree with him because well the guy was full of greed and not logic, he was only thinking about the money and not his own personal health which you know normally comes first in minus 60 degree weather. If he had imagination or more of it he could have thought more logically and probably would have made it back to camp. so there for when Jack says he lacks imagination its true because if he had that imagination he could of thought more logically. The lack of imagination is well what strives us as humans we grew up on imagination but if a child doesn’t have that or lacks that they get into trouble because they don’t imagine what life could be like if they chose to do the right thing they only think that they need to do it this way so they can get what they want “faster”. Now living in Pleasant Grove Utah I know that you really need imagination cause we don’t have alot of things for kids to do so if someone lacks imagination here then they get into all the bad stuff like drugs smoking etc. London is trying to say that everyone needs to have a least a small imagination because if you don’t and you lack that imagination your brain doesn’t think thru all the possible ways.

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