How to choose a book by it’s cover

Well i always start with my favorite genre’s which include Romance Fictional and Non-fictional books. Then after I find the section with my genre it depends on my mood sometimes i go for the most blank cover of a book or the complete opposite. Then once i find a few books that look good to read and that i will enjoy i open to a random page in the book and I do the 5 finger test. The 5 finger book test is where you open to any page in the book and read only that page, and each time you come across a word that takes you a little to find out how to pronounce or a word you don’t know how to say you put a finger. Now if you get 0-2 the book is to easy for you if you 3 4 ish then well that’s perfect, and if you 4 or more it is to hard for you and then you would move to another book.

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