Deep thinker 2.3

Source:Beautiful Redemption By Garcia and Stohl page 166

Quote:  “I looked down at the shadowy depths beneath me.”

Context: Ethan is trying to get back to his girlfriend Lena and in order to do that he is learning so much he didn’t know about the mortal and immortal worlds. One of the first steps he has to take is to cross a swamp but in order to do so he needs to wait for a special person who is the only one who can take him across; as he looks down into the water he see’s a bunch of bodies floating around.

This makes me think: When you look into your past and you see all the bad things you did and they are the shadows which you never wish to meet again.

Secrets Secrets are no fun secrets secrets hurt someone

In the book thief everyone is at least keeping one secret, and that always tears family and friends apart and in general it just kills the person who is keeping that secret. The main effect of keeping all these secrets is it will tear apart the person and everyone else around them all because they can’t say a few words. I think secrets are good to have, because you need to have something that only you and people your close to know or sometimes not even then. But secrets so big and important in a little girls mind or any kids mind it tears them apart and it creates someone who is scared and is never off guard and that just raises more suspicion than not and that just puts more on them which just tears them up even more.

deep thinker 2.1

Source: Beautiful chaos Kami Garcia page 310

“Time to grow a pair of knee caps.”

Ethan is trying to figure out what is wrong with him he was right handed but he was writing with his left hand, he doesn’t like the food he used to, and it is really hot 24/7 and nothing is right people arn’t right the casters are miss firing and everything is going crazy so Ethan goes and asks Amanda what is going on with him but she won’t answer so he is going to find out himself.

 This makes me think there comes a time when in life you need to grow a pair of knee caps. as a matter of fact we already grew one when we were kids because baby’s are born without them so they grow them. Back to my thought tho we all need to grow a pair of knee caps or learn to do things on are own or for our self.

Max abandon his family

In the Book Thief we find out that max left his family to save himself now is this a logical thing, did he make the right choice, was it selfish? I think it was totally reasonable to what he did he couldn’t take care of his family let alone his self they would have just slowed him down and possibly killed him. If he stayed at the house with them the Nazi’s would find them and kill them just like that so either way he would have to escape sometime so why not sooner than later? We know he cares about them because he says it hurts him to see their gripping eyes.

Book Review 2.2

INFO: Beautiful creatures Kami Garcia, and Margaret Stohl pgs 563 Five star review 

Summary Including the problem and how it starts : Ethan Wates town is mess up as he puts it. You either live here for the rest of your life or you leave his family all stayed but he wants to leave. His life is was pretty basic wait for his ride link to show up link is a basketball player and Ethan’s best friend then they go to school and every year there teacher teach the same thing so it is boring. Then a new girl comes in which never happens and Ethan feels a connection between them he later finds out that Lena the girl has powers and is a caster she is 15 turning 16 in a couple of months. On her 16th Birthday She gets chosen as a light or dark caster she has no say over it what so ever; she believes that she is cursed and that she will be dark. So Ethan and Lena are trying to find out if they can break the spell/curse.

I liked the details the authors put into this book it was so good that i finished the series in a week after i finished the first book. I love the characters how  you can always find a connection.

To be honest i liked everything about this book not one thing i would change.

I recommend this to anyone who loves fantasy and reading amazing book.


On Stealing

Can we just admire Liesel? She steals, but she is pretty good at it; she has to do it to live tho right? She eats pea soup every night, and she doesn’t get enough to feel her up, so she resorts to stealing. She stole some apples, potato’s, and other types of fruits. I think she is doing it to live and not eat the same thing over and over; it is a good thing in this case, the farmers can spare a little food and the kids can be full. Now of course everything comes with consequences good or bad. She already has a guilt for it which is a consequence in it self, she also thru up all the apples she ate.

Are Books dangerous

I think the Nazi’s are so worried about the books people read because there are authors who don’t like them or just people in general who can wright stuff about them bad stuff. Which would hurt Hitler’s Reputation so in order to stop that they need to get rid of the books and what better way than having people burn them in a giant bon fire. Books can be dangerous to some people it could offend their religion or their beliefs, it could also be about them and all the bad things they did which would hurt their reputation even more. 

Book Review 2.1

Information on book: 5th Wave by Rick Yancey 457 pages 5 star review.

Summary: Cassiopeia or Cassie is a 16 year old girl in high school, she has a crush on this kid name Ben. Ben is 17 and a popular kid who used to know Cassie as kids on the school bus but she thinks he doesn’t remember her. Cassie also has a little brother named Samuel but goes by Sam, Sam is a young boy in about third grade who is shy and chill. Her mom died with the second wave and her father insists on staying in the house and  not running like everyone else. On the first wave took all the power and electricity out so no more electronics or light. Her rest of her and her family flee to a safe house inside the woods only to get attacked again. Her brother gets taken and she is set on finding him and bring him back home. Mean while her brother gets put in military training to stop the invasion he is assigned to a squad rent which just happen to have Ben.


The thing i would change: I would changed how they ended the book i don’t like it one bit.


Review 5 stars it is really good i like the over all story a bunch.


I would recommend it over to anyone over the age of 13 just because of the language and the detail.