Are Books dangerous

I think the Nazi’s are so worried about the books people read because there are authors who don’t like them or just people in general who can wright stuff about them bad stuff. Which would hurt Hitler’s Reputation so in order to stop that they need to get rid of the books and what better way than having people burn them in a giant bon fire. Books can be dangerous to some people it could offend their religion or their beliefs, it could also be about them and all the bad things they did which would hurt their reputation even more. 

2 thoughts on “Are Books dangerous

  1. I agree with you to an extent, I think they were worried about Hitler’s reputation. I also think they didn’t want anyone to generate non-Nazi friendly ideas.

  2. you are using the authors themselves to see your point of view. It is a very interesting way to do things but it absolutely works when you explain it. Great job.

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