Book Review 2.1

Information on book: 5th Wave by Rick Yancey 457 pages 5 star review.

Summary: Cassiopeia or Cassie is a 16 year old girl in high school, she has a crush on this kid name Ben. Ben is 17 and a popular kid who used to know Cassie as kids on the school bus but she thinks he doesn’t remember her. Cassie also has a little brother named Samuel but goes by Sam, Sam is a young boy in about third grade who is shy and chill. Her mom died with the second wave and her father insists on staying in the house and  not running like everyone else. On the first wave took all the power and electricity out so no more electronics or light. Her rest of her and her family flee to a safe house inside the woods only to get attacked again. Her brother gets taken and she is set on finding him and bring him back home. Mean while her brother gets put in military training to stop the invasion he is assigned to a squad rent which just happen to have Ben.


The thing i would change: I would changed how they ended the book i don’t like it one bit.


Review 5 stars it is really good i like the over all story a bunch.


I would recommend it over to anyone over the age of 13 just because of the language and the detail.

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