Book Review 2.2

INFO: Beautiful creatures Kami Garcia, and Margaret Stohl pgs 563 Five star review 

Summary Including the problem and how it starts : Ethan Wates town is mess up as he puts it. You either live here for the rest of your life or you leave his family all stayed but he wants to leave. His life is was pretty basic wait for his ride link to show up link is a basketball player and Ethan’s best friend then they go to school and every year there teacher teach the same thing so it is boring. Then a new girl comes in which never happens and Ethan feels a connection between them he later finds out that Lena the girl has powers and is a caster she is 15 turning 16 in a couple of months. On her 16th Birthday She gets chosen as a light or dark caster she has no say over it what so ever; she believes that she is cursed and that she will be dark. So Ethan and Lena are trying to find out if they can break the spell/curse.

I liked the details the authors put into this book it was so good that i finished the series in a week after i finished the first book. I love the characters how  you can always find a connection.

To be honest i liked everything about this book not one thing i would change.

I recommend this to anyone who loves fantasy and reading amazing book.


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