deep thinker 2.1

Source: Beautiful chaos Kami Garcia page 310

“Time to grow a pair of knee caps.”

Ethan is trying to figure out what is wrong with him he was right handed but he was writing with his left hand, he doesn’t like the food he used to, and it is really hot 24/7 and nothing is right people arn’t right the casters are miss firing and everything is going crazy so Ethan goes and asks Amanda what is going on with him but she won’t answer so he is going to find out himself.

 This makes me think there comes a time when in life you need to grow a pair of knee caps. as a matter of fact we already grew one when we were kids because baby’s are born without them so they grow them. Back to my thought tho we all need to grow a pair of knee caps or learn to do things on are own or for our self.

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