A little Light in the Darkness

It’s hard for me to find happiness in life. My mom says there is always some good in every dark time. I really took that to heart’; and I found the guitar and I just fell in love with it, the sound the feel, the pain you first get in your fingers do to the strings it all makes me addicted to it. I have depression. That makes things hard for me finding happiness included so when i can’t find happiness or i need to something to pull me away from the dark and i go to my guitar, and if id on’t have my guitar with me then i go to family, friends and the outdoors the things that keep me at bay.

4 thoughts on “A little Light in the Darkness

  1. You have to learn to find happy things in your life when you have depression. Its hard trust me I should know but if something makes you unhappy don’t take the time to pay attention to it.

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