You’ve got a friend in Rudy

I think Rudy does these things because it is his mentality/personality. We all have these things that we just feel is right to do and stealing, standing up for people, and throwing a race away; because that is Rudy’s personality. He feels it is right to let other people win, and to steal a book for this girl and stand up to bully’s. Personally i love what the author did for Rudy’s character he made him like a guy i would actually want to hang out with in and out of school. I think Rudy will live about another year or so before he dies.

One thought on “You’ve got a friend in Rudy

  1. I think Rudy is definitely a likable character as he was designed to be that way, but I don’t really enjoy his surface level mentalities. The only thing I really enjoy was the relationship with Liesel you mentioned, it’s like his only flaw.

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