Deep thinker 2.6

Source: Beautiful Redemption Kami Garcia page 449

Quote: “Because the sky isn’t really made of blue paint, and there aren’t just two kinds of people in this world,the stupid and the stuck. We only think there are. Don’t waste your time with either-with anything. It’s not worth it.”

Context: Ethan is writing in his journal, and he is talking about everyone he lost and how his mom used to tell him not to dwell on the past but to fulfill his future.

This makes me think: That more people need to stop worrying about what people think of them and they need to stop judging them, because the more time they waste doing it. The less time they have to live and really enjoy what is around them. Everyday is a gift that is why they call it the present so use it well for you will not get another day like today, or another day like tomorrow, or a day in the past, it will be a new page of a book everyday and you will never have all the same words on a page.

Deep thinker 2.5

Beautiful Redemption-Kami Garcia 449

“We all are,depending on how you look at it. Flying or falling, it’s up to us.”

This is also in the Epilogue and he is just going on and saying how you should live and be you and not stop not worry. I could tell you more but that would be spoiling the book for all you guys and I can’t do that because it is the last book in the series so it would give it all away  but i can tell you Ethan is struggling from a loss.

This Quote reminds me that well you can choose weather you succeed in life or not it is really just how you put your mind to the task. My mom has always told me that when i stopped trying at something and I was taught to live by this standard to make myself the best I can be today tomorrow and everyday after that.

Deep thinker 2.4

Beautiful Redemption Pg 448 Garcia and Stohl

Quote: ‘Maybe there isn’t a meaning to life.Maybe there’s only a meaning to living.”

Context: In this part of the book the book has already ended it is in the Epilogue and it is talking about someone who died and Ethan and he is getting ready to kill himself and then it strikes him maybe there isn’t a meaning to life. Maybe there’s only a meaning to living.

This makes me think: That there is more than just taking what life is giving you and you just need to go out and live it the best you can before it is all gone.


Deep thinker 2.3

Source:Beautiful Redemption By Garcia and Stohl page 166

Quote:  “I looked down at the shadowy depths beneath me.”

Context: Ethan is trying to get back to his girlfriend Lena and in order to do that he is learning so much he didn’t know about the mortal and immortal worlds. One of the first steps he has to take is to cross a swamp but in order to do so he needs to wait for a special person who is the only one who can take him across; as he looks down into the water he see’s a bunch of bodies floating around.

This makes me think: When you look into your past and you see all the bad things you did and they are the shadows which you never wish to meet again.

deep thinker 2.1

Source: Beautiful chaos Kami Garcia page 310

“Time to grow a pair of knee caps.”

Ethan is trying to figure out what is wrong with him he was right handed but he was writing with his left hand, he doesn’t like the food he used to, and it is really hot 24/7 and nothing is right people arn’t right the casters are miss firing and everything is going crazy so Ethan goes and asks Amanda what is going on with him but she won’t answer so he is going to find out himself.

 This makes me think there comes a time when in life you need to grow a pair of knee caps. as a matter of fact we already grew one when we were kids because baby’s are born without them so they grow them. Back to my thought tho we all need to grow a pair of knee caps or learn to do things on are own or for our self.

Deep thinker 1.6

Source: Guitar notes by Mary Amato

Quote: “They were lucky to find each other. Nobody could take that away.”

Context: In this part of the book Lyla is in the hospital in a coma and her dad is talking to Tripps mom on the phone and they are talking about how they think their kids shouldn’t hang out anymore because they infulence bad behavior and at the end of the conversation Tripps mom says the quote i chose.

This Makes me think: Of my best friend who was going to kill herself and me and her other friends couldn’t stop here from talking about it. Then her now boyfriend but friend at the time. He came to her after he started getting envolved with the wrong people he stopped hanging out with them and started hanging out with her more and she was a whole lot better and she is  now alive and happy.

Deep Thinker 1.5

Source: Guitar Notes Mary Amato Page89

Quote:“hi my name is luke, it rhymes with puke!”

Context: In this part of the book they are trying to write a song and make it work with school guitar which they stole from the school and they are in an abandon tree house when they can’t seem to find words that will make the song sound good and they are having a hard time coming up with a song so Tripp jokingly says that.

This makes me think: Of the time when i wrote my first song it was about my french bulldog Bruno and he was only a few months old and when i finished the song i was so proud of myself that i sang it to everyone i knew and it got really annoying and now when i look back on it. It was terrible and it want to stab it and kill it with fire then laugh at it.

Deep thinker 1.4

Source: Guitar Notes Mary Amato page 233

Quote“Their voices fit together so perfectly, it makes him, for the first time, actually like the concept of perfection.”

Context: Tripp and Lyra are at their first gig and on their way their they are remembering the first time they ever sang together and how their voices locked together on the first note it made an amazing sound and how that started them making songs together and how they are now making money off of them and people love them.

This Makes me think: Of when i started singing about a year ago when i was in 7th grade i was at home messing around on my guitar and i started figuring out the rift to the song perfect and my sister walked in my room and we started singing together mind you i sounded horrible but it was really fun and this also reminds me of when i was little me and my grandma would sing together for me tho more like mumbling songs and that i would sing on Guitar hero and i loved it.  

Deep Thinker 1.3

Source: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar children Ransom Riggs page 167

Quote: “I used to dream about escaping my ordinary life, but my life was never ordinary. I had simply failed to notice how extraordinary it was.”

Context: Jacob is getting to know the life of his grandfather’s child hood and is meeting the children he grew up with and finding out what makes him peculiar like his grandfather. The head of the place is telling Jacob about his grandfather and he and Emma Bloom sneak off in the night and Emma tells Jacob his power or ability that makes him special even tho she is not supposed to tell him.

This makes me think of when i didn’t know that i could read and understand music and i thought well that i couldn’t do anything that made me special and i didn’t find out that i could play guitar until i started teaching myself basic chords and i have been playing guitar now for 6 months and i love it.