The power of words

The book thief has the power of words flowing thru her. Ever since she has been at the hubermans Hans has taught her to read in her worst times of fear and hatred. She has the power of words that keep her upright and strong against outside forces trying to get in. Words are probably the most powerful thing in existence they can do so much damage. Yet they can also repair the damage which has been delt from the outside. But negative words do more damage or has a harder impact than kind and sympathetic words do to people. The people behind the words give them there power and meaning.

A little Light in the Darkness

It’s hard for me to find happiness in life. My mom says there is always some good in every dark time. I really took that to heart’; and I found the guitar and I just fell in love with it, the sound the feel, the pain you first get in your fingers do to the strings it all makes me addicted to it. I have depression. That makes things hard for me finding happiness included so when i can’t find happiness or i need to something to pull me away from the dark and i go to my guitar, and if id on’t have my guitar with me then i go to family, friends and the outdoors the things that keep me at bay.

Secrets Secrets are no fun secrets secrets hurt someone

In the book thief everyone is at least keeping one secret, and that always tears family and friends apart and in general it just kills the person who is keeping that secret. The main effect of keeping all these secrets is it will tear apart the person and everyone else around them all because they can’t say a few words. I think secrets are good to have, because you need to have something that only you and people your close to know or sometimes not even then. But secrets so big and important in a little girls mind or any kids mind it tears them apart and it creates someone who is scared and is never off guard and that just raises more suspicion than not and that just puts more on them which just tears them up even more.

Max abandon his family

In the Book Thief we find out that max left his family to save himself now is this a logical thing, did he make the right choice, was it selfish? I think it was totally reasonable to what he did he couldn’t take care of his family let alone his self they would have just slowed him down and possibly killed him. If he stayed at the house with them the Nazi’s would find them and kill them just like that so either way he would have to escape sometime so why not sooner than later? We know he cares about them because he says it hurts him to see their gripping eyes.

On Stealing

Can we just admire Liesel? She steals, but she is pretty good at it; she has to do it to live tho right? She eats pea soup every night, and she doesn’t get enough to feel her up, so she resorts to stealing. She stole some apples, potato’s, and other types of fruits. I think she is doing it to live and not eat the same thing over and over; it is a good thing in this case, the farmers can spare a little food and the kids can be full. Now of course everything comes with consequences good or bad. She already has a guilt for it which is a consequence in it self, she also thru up all the apples she ate.

Are Books dangerous

I think the Nazi’s are so worried about the books people read because there are authors who don’t like them or just people in general who can wright stuff about them bad stuff. Which would hurt Hitler’s Reputation so in order to stop that they need to get rid of the books and what better way than having people burn them in a giant bon fire. Books can be dangerous to some people it could offend their religion or their beliefs, it could also be about them and all the bad things they did which would hurt their reputation even more. 

What i think about the book thief so far

I really like it because it is challenging and this is my second time reading it and it is already making more sense to me then not. I think my favorite part of re reading this book is no matter how many times you read it or re read it each time you open it up and start over you get a new perspective on the book and it is like opening a whole new book. I also really like the way it seems like a fantasy book but then it’s about world war 2 and this girls who is struggling to fit in with her new life. Big books don’t scare me i love reading them which is weird because instead of me leading away from it i am drawn into the book.  

What would it be like?

To be honest I don’t know how it would feel too loose everything my family my home friends i don’t but i know what it feels like to loose someone close to me my cousin but even then he is not my immediate family. This would absolutely kill me. It would hurt  me a lot and if i survived physically well i would be depressed really depressed because well i already am depressed. This has to be terrible let alone she is only a kid wow. she just watched her brother die and at his funeral her mom walked away and she never saw her again, now she is forced to live with a family who she does not  know by herself in a new city with a new school and even a new family that would suck.

What Do i look for in a good character

To be honest there have been a few times when i felt deeply for a character but i am going to talk about how John Green wrote my favorite book The Fault in our stars the character that would keep me reading if the plot wasn’t as amazing as it is would probably be Gus. When John first introduced Gus he mad him a curios character the way he was looking at hazel who is the main character in this book it got me hooked on this book so fast. When the worst part in the book  struck me when gus found out his caner was back it makes me cry to see this beautiful angle like being so perfect and Dorky and my perfect character. In every character I think there needs to be a challenge and a story behind them they have to have a personality that is not common and they need to make the reader want to keep reading but most importantly i think they need to have something the reader can connect to.

Stories don’t always have a happy ending

Why do we read sad story’s? well we read them so we can feel a  connection with them we always think they will walk away happy. But we are taught that from a young age with with all the fairy tales that end i and they all lived happily ever after. When they don’t it takes are understanding to a whole new level and introduces us to a whole new world. Of course we get shocked when they don’t end that way but after a while you start to expect it. I think the point of sad story’s is well to make you feel real and to show that hey these things happen in real life.