You’ve got a friend in Rudy

I think Rudy does these things because it is his mentality/personality. We all have these things that we just feel is right to do and stealing, standing up for people, and throwing a race away; because that is Rudy’s personality. He feels it is right to let other people win, and to steal a book for this girl and stand up to bully’s. Personally i love what the author did for Rudy’s character he made him like a guy i would actually want to hang out with in and out of school. I think Rudy will live about another year or so before he dies.

Deep thinker 2.4

Beautiful Redemption Pg 448 Garcia and Stohl

Quote: ‘Maybe there isn’t a meaning to life.Maybe there’s only a meaning to living.”

Context: In this part of the book the book has already ended it is in the Epilogue and it is talking about someone who died and Ethan and he is getting ready to kill himself and then it strikes him maybe there isn’t a meaning to life. Maybe there’s only a meaning to living.

This makes me think: That there is more than just taking what life is giving you and you just need to go out and live it the best you can before it is all gone.


Deep thinker 2.3

Source:Beautiful Redemption By Garcia and Stohl page 166

Quote:  “I looked down at the shadowy depths beneath me.”

Context: Ethan is trying to get back to his girlfriend Lena and in order to do that he is learning so much he didn’t know about the mortal and immortal worlds. One of the first steps he has to take is to cross a swamp but in order to do so he needs to wait for a special person who is the only one who can take him across; as he looks down into the water he see’s a bunch of bodies floating around.

This makes me think: When you look into your past and you see all the bad things you did and they are the shadows which you never wish to meet again.

Are Books dangerous

I think the Nazi’s are so worried about the books people read because there are authors who don’t like them or just people in general who can wright stuff about them bad stuff. Which would hurt Hitler’s Reputation so in order to stop that they need to get rid of the books and what better way than having people burn them in a giant bon fire. Books can be dangerous to some people it could offend their religion or their beliefs, it could also be about them and all the bad things they did which would hurt their reputation even more. 

Book Review of a Monster Calls

In class we just finished watching the movie and the book both which were really good although i would say i liked the book better.

A Monster calls is about a boy named Connor who’s mom has cancer he is a 12-14 year old boy his dad left him and his mom when he was only 5 and moved to america. Ever since his mom started getting treatments about 8 months ago he has been having the reoccurring dream about him loosing his mom now he won’t admit that she won’t make it out alive but who does make it out alive no one we all die? So one night when he is sleeping a monster comes but it is no Connors monster from his dream but the yew tree in his back yard who comes to tell him three tales and Connor has to tell him the fourth tale about his dream. Connor at school also gets bullied by mean people who beat him up. I think the monster was his imagination to help him over come the fact that his mom is dying i really wish they would’ve told us.

This is a very popular book and movie and i think that the reason why is because it gives the reader/ watcher an emotional connection with the character you can connect to him some how maybe you have some one who is dying from cancer or school is hard for you or something like that i would give it a 5 star review.

Not being seen

I think connor wants to be seen to show that ya his mom is dying, but hey he still is a kid and he doesn’t need to be babied by everyone. Yes he is pushing away the only person who cares about him but she was the one who let everyone know about his mom. If he got in trouble then it makes him feel normal cause he doesn’t get special attention cause well he got in trouble. He pushes everyone away cause he needs to think about it and he doesn’t want to be babied by everyone and made fun of by everyone cause no one wants that.