About me Page

Hi my name is Belicia Nagel i am 13 and am in 8th grade. I go to Pleasant Grove jr. high, and i love it. The people are great and the teachers are fun. I have three siblings one who is a fire fighter and another one who is graduating high school this year, I also have a little brother who is 9 and in third grade. I have two dogs and a cat, i play guitar and i love soccer and volleyball. My favorite class is probably choir or drama they are both really fun classes to take and the both involve what i love doing which is music/singing and well acting. These two things really bring out who i really am. I love music which is kinda self explained, but i love listening too music as well. My favorite band is PAN!C At The disco they have been a band since early 2000’s. I can’t say a favorite song cause that’s like saying hey do you wanna have this puppy or this puppy(even tho they look and act the exact same). Not my puppies tho they ish look the same but they are not as you can see in the picture.